User Access Rules

NYIT Administrative Information Systems Security User Access Rules

Access to the college computing system, including its hardware, software data and any other information obtained from it in whatever form, is subject to the following rules:

  1. The college has entered into non-disclosure agreements with vendors of various computer software. Documentation materials regarding this software must not be revealed (including object code and source code, in the case of technical staff).
  2. All personally identifiable information is confidential and the user will not reveal such information except to the extent required by his/her job responsibilities. Users should familiarize themselves with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which describe the policy with regard to confidentiality of student records.
  3. All information is to be used only for institutional purposes. The user must not, without proper authorization, utilize computer equipment or programs to gain access to, copy or obtain for personal use or information, records or information owned or possessed by the college.
  4. The user must call up or view only that information required to carry out his/her job responsibilities.
  5. The user must take care not to alter, damage or destroy a computer system or computer network or the software program or data contained in a computer, computer system or computer network, and must not gain access to or alter a computer system, network program or data without proper authorization.
  6. The user must at all times utilize the college computing system in accordance with established standards and procedures.
  7. The user must not reveal his/her password to any other person. The user must change his/her personal password at least every six (6) months as an aid in maintaining security. The user's personal password must not be the same as the departmental password.

Violation of any of the above terms may subject a user to disciplinary action.

A complete copy of the FERPA rules can be obtained from the Office of the Registrar.