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NYIT provides paid sick leave to all regular, full-time employees to ensure that absences due to illness do not result in loss of pay. You accrue sick time on a monthly basis, starting with the first month of regular, full-time employment. In your first year, you accrue one day of paid sick leave every other month; in subsequent years, you receive one paid sick day per month for each completed month of regular service. Part-time employees who work on the New York City (Manhattan) campus earn sick leave in accordance with New York City law. You may carry unused sick days forward to the next calendar year. This enables you, should a serious medical problem arise, to receive full salary by using some or all of the sick time you have built up over the years.

Please remember that sick leave is only to be used for the employee's own illness (New York City campus employees may use sick time for other reasons—see below for additional information). The efficient operation of the college is predicated upon employees maintaining satisfactory attendance records, and the records of employees with frequent absences of short duration are reviewed carefully. Disciplinary action up to and including termination may be instituted for excessive absenteeism even though the employee has paid sick leave remaining.

If you are absent due to illness for more than seven consecutive calendar days, you are required to contact the benefits unit of the Office of Human Resources, and they will coordinate the short-term disability claim application process for you. The benefits personnel have the right to ask you to provide a doctor's note confirming the medical necessity of your absence if your absences become frequent.

For New York City (Manhattan) campus employees, please see additional information on sick days in accordance with New York City law.