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NYIT will work cooperatively with any student who experiences Gender-Based Misconduct to promote their health, well-being, and physical safety, and to make available accommodations within the educational, living, and/or work environment. Upon learning of an incident of Gender-Based Misconduct involving a member of the NYIT community, the Title IX Coordinator will take immediate steps to ensure the safety and well-being of the reporting party.

When warranted to protect a student, the Title IX Coordinator may implement one or more Interim Measures, if appropriate and/or reasonably available, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Issuing of no-contact orders to prevent contact between the disclosing party, the responding party, witnesses, and/or third parties to ensure the safety of all parties and the integrity of the process. These orders may be mutual or non-mutual as deemed appropriate by NYIT officials.
  2. Providing the disclosing party an escort to ensure that they can move safely between classes, work, and/or activities.
  3. Changing a party's on-campus housing, and providing assistance from NYIT support staff in completing the relocation.
  4. Rescheduling class work, assignments, and examinations.
  5. Changing work arrangements or schedules.
  6. Providing academic support services, which may include alternative options for course completion or withdrawal.
  7. Providing visa and immigration assistance.
  8. Providing student financial aid counseling.
  9. Limiting an individual or organization's access to certain NYIT facilities or activities pending resolution of the matter.
  10. Interim suspension of a responding party or organization pending resolution of the matter.

Interim suspensions will only be used when in the judgment of the Dean of Students (or the Associate Dean of Student Administration for NYITCOM) and the Title IX Coordinator the safety or well-being of any member(s) of the campus community may be jeopardized by the presence on-campus of the responding party or the ongoing activity of a student organization whose behavior is in question. In all cases in which an interim suspension is imposed, the student or organization will be given the option to meet with the Dean of Students/Associate Dean of Student Administration and/or the Title IX Coordinator prior to such suspension being imposed, or as soon thereafter as reasonably possible, to show cause why the suspension should not be implemented. The Dean of Students/Associate Dean of Student Administration, in consultation with the Title IX Coordinator, will implement or stay an interim suspension and determine its conditions and duration.

When taking interim measures, NYIT will minimize the burden on the disclosing party to the extent practicable. These measures can be requested regardless of whether an individual makes a formal institutional complaint or contacts law enforcement. Some of these measures may also be implemented as protective sanctions if a student is found responsible for a Code of Conduct violation. Failure of students to adhere to the parameters of any interim measure(s) is a violation of this Policy and may lead to additional disciplinary action.

NYIT will maintain as confidential any interim or protective measures, provided confidentiality does not impair NYIT's ability to provide the measures.