Rules for the Maintenance of Public Order

New York Institute of Technology has established the following Rules for the Maintenance of Public Order which apply to all members (students, faculty, and staff) and organizations of the New York Tech community as well as to visitors, guests, licensees, independent contractors, and invitees to university-owned or operated property or to university-sponsored activities.

The following actions are prohibited:

  1. Possession or use of firearms, ammunition, fireworks, weapons, and/or other dangerous substances or materials at university-sponsored activities or on university-owned or -operated property.
  2. Interrupting, obstructing, or stopping an event, activity, or operation of the university including, but not limited to, teaching, research, university business, disciplinary proceedings, and university-sponsored activities and programs.
  3. Unauthorized entry into, tampering with, or use of facilities or resources of New York Tech. This includes unauthorized access to or occupation of non-public areas on university premises.
  4. Theft, defacing, damaging, or destroying of personal or university-owned or -operated property.
  5. Conduct which constitutes harassment, intimidation, or which otherwise recklessly or intentionally endangers or threatens the health, safety, or welfare of any person.
  6. Conduct that violates applicable federal, State or local laws.
  7. Hazing, which includes but is not limited to the forced consumption of liquor or drugs or other reckless and dangerous conduct for the purpose of initiation into, or affiliation with, any organization.
  8. Refusing to provide identification such as a New York Tech ID or state issued license when requested to do so by a clearly identifiable university official acting in the performance of their duties.
  9. Attempting or inciting others to violate any provision of these rules.

Violations: Removal from Premises

Any person who violates these Rules or refuses the request or command of an authorized university official to desist in any prohibited conduct may be ejected from the entire campus, from the property being utilized for an event, or any such premises where the conduct constitutes a substantial danger to public order on such premises.

Violations: Other Penalties

Penalties listed below will be in addition to possible removal from campus, possible criminal referral / penalty, and any other law to which a violator may be subject.

Student Clubs and Organizations: Violations of these rules by student clubs or organizations will be processed through the applicable Student Code of Conduct. Penalties for recognized clubs or organizations may include rescission of permission to operate, either permanently or temporarily, in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.

Visitors: Violations by non-community members, including invited or uninvited visitors and guests may result in the offender's immediate removal from the campus, possible criminal referral and/or permanent barring from the premises.

Students: Student violations will be processed in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct. Penalties for students may include suspension, expulsion, or other appropriate disciplinary action in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.

Faculty, Staff or Administration: Violations by faculty, staff, or administrators will be processed by the Office of Human Resources in accordance with applicable university policies for employees. Penalties for faculty, staff, or administrator violations may include suspension or termination from employment, or other appropriate disciplinary action.