Resignation of Full-Time Faculty

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A faculty member may terminate his/her contract appointment effective at the end of the academic year, provided that he/she gives notice in writing at the earliest possible opportunity, but not later than the first day of the last term he/she anticipates teaching at NYIT. A request may be made to waive this notice in case of hardship or in a situation where the faculty member would otherwise be denied substantial professional advancement or other opportunity. Before authorization is given for final salary payment, department and/or college or school duties must be completed. In addition, grades must be filed; equipment, supplies, library books, keys and ID card returned; and any outstanding financial or academic obligations met. On resignation of faculty, any balance of the annual housing allowance will be deducted from the final salary on a ratio of the amounts of months remaining on the housing lease

(Please, also see the Policies and Procedures Manual, D-10).