Reporting to the Police

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At NYIT's New York campuses, Campus Security is responsible for the safety and security of students, staff and faculty members. At the NYITCOM-Arkansas campus, the University Police Department is responsible for campus security. All security guards (New York) and police officers (Arkansas) are trained in emergency response procedures. Campus Security can assist a student in making a report to the local police department, or the student may contact the police department directly.

In an emergency, call 911 first.

Long Island
Campus Security: 516.686.7789
Nassau County Special Victims Squad: 516.573.8055

New York City
Campus Security: 212.261.1536
NYPD Special Victims Division: 646.610.7272

Arkansas State University Police: 870.972.2093
Jonesboro Police: 870.935.5657

It is important to remember that the criminal justice process is separate from NYIT's conduct process. Decisions by law enforcement regarding whether or not to arrest or prosecute an individual do not determine if a violation of NYIT policy has occurred.