QR Code Development Policy

About QR Codes

QR, or “quick response,” codes are two-dimensional codes embedded with a URL and designed to be decoded at high speed by mobile devices and smartphones. Users can decode QR codes by using a QR code reader downloaded to their mobile device or smartphone. A list of readers and supported readers by mobile device and smartphone manufacturers can be found at http://tiny.cc/QRreader.

NYIT Policies for QR Codes

NYIT’s Office of Communications and Marketing, specifically the web development team, is the only resource at the university for QR codes. C&M must be involved so that it can continue to support the web pages connected to the QR codes.

The effectiveness of QR technology in marketing is untested. Therefore, NYIT discourages the widespread use (or overuse) of QR codes by any individual department and seeks to pilot specific projects to enable us to see how many people scan the QR codes featured on NYIT materials.

Because QR codes are read solely by mobile devices, the webpage they link to must be readable from mobile devices. Therefore, requests will not be honored for QR codes linking to forms, applications, and text-heavy pages.

One suggested and approved use for QR codes is event posters and invitations—the QR code can link to a web page that contains a schedule of events that is regularly updated.

Requests for QR codes may be made to creative@nyit.edu.