Preservation of Evidence

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NYIT recognizes that making the decision to report Gender-Based Misconduct often takes time. Nevertheless, pending the decision to report, individuals are strongly encouraged to take immediate steps to preserve all evidence that might support a future report or an investigation by the police, by NYIT, or both.

Such evidence may include:

  • A forensic sexual assault examination (See "Immediate Medical Treatment" below) or a medical examination for non-sexual bodily injuries.
  • Any clothing, sheets, or other materials (items containing bodily fluids should be stored in cardboard boxes or paper bags).
  • Electronic exchanges (e.g., text messages, emails, and Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or other social media posts, to the extent that they can be captured or preserved).
  • Photographs (including photographs stored on smartphones and other devices).
  • Voicemail messages and other physical, documentary, and/or electronic data that might be helpful or relevant in an investigation.
  • Written account of what happened as close to the event as possible (doing this electronically could help identify the date the document was created).