Posting of Publicity: Non-U.S. Campuses

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Posters, flyers, banners and other forms of signs and/or advertising at NYIT must conform to NYIT regulations and must be individually approved by the Director of Student Affairs/Dean of Students and stamped prior to being posted. The college reserves the right to refuse requests for postings of information by non-NYIT organizations, private individuals, groups, etc. Posting is not permitted on painted surfaces, trees or building exteriors. Approved materials must be posted on designated bulletin boards and glass partitions. Student clubs and organizations that post flyers inappropriately are subject to the possible suspensions of their privileges and/or fines. Flyers and other advertisements must be removed within 24 hours after the event has taken place. If a flyer is written in a language other than English, the flyer must include an English translation. Use of any bulletin board or authorized space in any building on the campus does not constitute an endorsement or guarantee of any product, service or information by NYIT. Students or student organizations in violation of any of the preceding regulations are subject to disciplinary action or financial sanction. Outside organizations in violation of these policies will not be permitted to post any information or use NYIT facilities, and criminal charges may be pursued.