New Computer Request

The increasing number of requests for computers has created the necessity for a college-wide policy, which follows:

NYIT recognizes its responsibility to provide our employees with the appropriate tools for them to fulfill their responsibilities and business of the institution. To that end, NYIT will provide an appropriate computer for all of those who need one for the performance of their duties. Generally this will be a networked, desktop computer. Information Technology Services, in conjunction with an area supervisor, will determine the appropriate computing capacity a person requires to meet the responsibilities of his or her position.

In some rare instances a laptop computer may be more appropriate than a desktop. That request and determination should be made via the employee's supervisor with the final approval belonging to the person in the normal purchasing approval chain for computer-level purchases in an area. Information Technology Services will again assist in the determination of the appropriate computer capacity and model. Those who receive a laptop (which is generally much more costly than a desktop) will receive a docking station for the laptop in their office or offices. Employees should not expect NYIT to provide them with more than one computer.