Gender-Based Misconduct Policy

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No form of Gender-Based Misconduct will be tolerated at NYIT. This includes activity by students, staff, and faculty, on or off campus, and any vendors or visitors on NYIT's campuses. Gender-Based Misconduct, as more particularly defined below, includes sexual assault, sexual harassment, and other forms of nonconsensual sexual activity, as well as stalking and relationship violence.

Any violation of this Gender-Based Misconduct Policy by an NYIT student is also considered a violation of the Code of Conduct1. All policies, procedures, and definitions applicable to other violations of the Code of Conduct apply to complaints of Gender-Based Misconduct against students unless inconsistent with this Gender-Based Misconduct Policy.

1. "Code of Conduct" throughout this policy refers to both the Student Code of Conduct: US Campuses and the Student Code of Conduct: NYITCOM, and the Vocational Independence Program: Student Code of Conduct.