Faculty Development

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NYIT recognizes the importance of developing faculty and maintaining intellectual vitality on campus. The NYIT Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) supports faculty members in their work as teacher-scholars by cultivating reflective practice and promoting the scholarship of teaching and learning. The CTL assist faculty members in providing NYIT students with a career-oriented, forward-looking education that prepares them to succeed in a global economy and an increasingly technological world. As part of NYIT's identity as a global institution, the CTL pays particular attention to how social, linguistic, and cultural diversity both affects and enriches the student experience. As part of NYIT's identity as a partially virtual institution, the CTL serves as a resource for best practices in skillful, appropriate, and effective uses of technology in education. The NYIT Center for Teaching and Learning has developed online and other training programs to update faculty knowledge and skills in instructional technology. All resources available online through NYIT's Center for Teaching and Learning website are free and accessible by all faculty members, both full and part time.

Faculty may also travel to attend local, regional, or international conferences, provided they have a refereed paper to present. In such cases, faculty requests to receive support to cover some of the costs of travel, room, meals and registration fees (See "Faculty Travel Grants for Conference Presentations") may be approved by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, in the limit of the faculty development dedicated budget pertaining to the current academic year.

(A NYIT-UAE Faculty Development Policy is also available at the Abu Dhabi campus Executive Director/Campus Dean's Office)