Driving and Parking on Campus: Non-U.S. Campuses

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At NYIT locations where campus parking is available, it is understood that many students, faculty and staff drive to the NYIT campus every day to attend classes and work. For everyone's safety and well-being, it is essential that all traffic signs, and posted speed, parking, entrance/exits, right-of-way and related directions are followed. Courtesy to pedestrians and drivers is expected at all times. The campus has ample marked spaced in student and staff car parks. Faculty should park only in these designated car parks as appropriate. Parking in a roadway, on sidewalks, or non- designated area is prohibited. Cars should not obstruct any access route, driveway, curb-cut or emergency escape route. Vehicles that are parked in violation of the campus rules are subject to towing at the driver's expense. Drivers are responsible for the safe operation of their cars on campus and are responsible for any fines, fees, towing or other charges incurred during its presence on campus. NYIT assumes no liability for damage or loss to private vehicles, their occupants or contents while on campus or attending NYIT-related functions off-campus.