Creation of a Minor

Academic Senate Curriculum Committee Policy for Creation of a Minor


To further our mission of providing a career centered education, and to allow undergraduate students to pursue an organized, coherent secondary course of study, NYIT will create the official designation of “Minor”. Just as an academic major gives an employer or professional school an idea of one's ability to specialize and to develop an understanding in depth of a particular discipline, an academic minor provides an occasion to expand the breadth of a student's interests independently of the student’s major. It demonstrates broad competence beyond a narrow specialization. The minor will be administered in the following manner:

  1. A minor shall be defined as a set of courses generally outside the student’s major with a coherence based on subject, methodology, or other factors. Minors shall be no less than 15 credits and no more than 21 credits.
  2. Each minor will be created, submitted, and administered by the originating department or program. Proposals must follow the new program proposal guidelines submission process as outlined below.
  3. A student wishing to pursue a minor should consult with the adviser for that minor before completing the second course in it and fill out an “intent to earn a minor” form. Copies of the completed form will be sent to the registrar and to the chair of the department offering the minor so that the student’s degree map can be altered to include the minor course requirements.
  4. Thereafter, students should meet periodically with the adviser for the minor to insure that they are on track to complete the requirements of the minor before graduation.
  5. Courses taken to fulfill the minor should be in addition to any courses taken to fulfill either NYIT’s core requirements or the requirements of the student’s major. A minimum of six (6) credits must be taken in residence at NYIT and must be in excess of the requirements of the major. Departments/programs in which the minor resides may permit the inclusion of some major courses in fulfillment of the minor, where appropriate.
  6. Upon graduation, the student’s transcript and diploma will reflect both the major and the minor earned.
  7. Students may earn up to two minors while at NYIT.


A department/program wishing to offer a minor or minors will prepare a proposal and submit it through the school and Senate Curriculum Committee and then to the Academic Senate for review and approval. The proposal for a minor must follow the new program guidelines approved by the Senate Curriculum Committee, which include statements of mission, quality, feasibility and marketability, and be accompanied by a financial plan. If the minor does not include any new courses, but is instead a grouping of courses that already exist in a department/program, the proposal will not need to include financial impact statements to the Senate Curriculum Committee. The proposal must include the list of courses from which the student may choose as well as any sequencing of courses that might be required.

This proposal for undergraduate minors will not affect the already existing “minor concentration” curricula offered within various programs.

Proposal revised on 10/11/16 by the curriculum committee and approved by the Academic Senate on 12/16/16.