Compensation Full-Time Faculty

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Compensation for full-time faculty is based on the faculty members' credentials and program needs. The exception to this policy is the payment for tutorial (independent) courses. Tutorial courses are not counted against teaching load (with the exception of an incomplete yearly workload) and are compensated independently. Note: tutorial courses must be approved by the Executive Director/Campus Dean in advance of their start date through the procedures listed below or payment for teaching them will not be made. Tutorial approval is made only by the Executive Director/Campus Dean in the best interests of the college and the student(s). A faculty member may not teach more than two tutorial courses per term.

Payment of compensation is made in 12 monthly installments by direct deposit to a local or U.S. bank of the locally contracted faculty's choice. Payment of overloads is made at the end of the academic year (Fall plus Spring) or at the end of the Summer term, depending whether the faculty has Summer teaching obligations or not.

(See Abu Dhabi Campus Amendments)