Availability and Duties of Full-Time Faculty

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Full-time faculty members are expected to be on campus no fewer than four (4) days per week during each term. It is imperative that full-time faculty be available for academic advising assignments during the registration period prior to the registering of classes. Days away from the campus during the times prior to a new term must be approved by the Assistant Dean in order that advising duties be assigned in a coordinated manner. In addition to teaching and office hours, faculty are expected to undertake research and scholarly/creative activities, academic committee work, record keeping, assessment activities, advising duties where applicable, attend open houses and other recruitment events, program meetings, professional development and administrative assignments. In addition, full-time faculty members are expected to participate in institutional activities such as accreditation activities, commencements, convocations, special ceremonies, etc. unless specifically excused by the Executive Director/Campus Dean.