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Faculty should encourage their students to manifest academic honesty in their curricular endeavors. Students may be disciplined for the following forms of academic dishonesty:

  • Offering false information for college records, forging or altering college records, or submitting fraudulent documents for admission, enrollment or graduation.
  • Offering for college credit any dissertation, thesis, term paper, essay, report or other written assignment prepared by or purchased from someone else.
  • Committing plagiarism by appropriating all or part of someone else's work (such as but not limited to writing, coding programs, images, etc.) and offering it as one's own.
  • Cheating by using false pretenses, tricks, devices, artifices or deceptions to obtain credit on any examination or in any college course.

A faculty member who believes that a student has committed one of these forms of academic dishonesty must inform his or her department and make a written report to the Office of Student Affairs to initiate disciplinary proceedings. The faculty member will be invited to participate in the proceedings, which will afford the opportunity to provide details. For further information please see NYIT's Academic Integrity Policy and NYIT Academic Computing Code of Responsible Technology Usage.

Please, refer to Section 3.3 of this handbook for the full Academic Integrity Policy.