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Future Makers & Fabricators

This hands-on New York college experience (for students ages 15–20) is a great starting point for anyone who might someday launch their own start-up or design a bridge, robotic arm, or spaceship. In two fast-paced weeks this summer, participants, led by faculty experts from New York Institute of Technology, will learn to take an idea from paper to parts to assembly by building a small racing car.

Learn By Doing

This fun and challenging program lets you try your hand at a number of manufacturing disciplines in a safe environment. The derby car frame and axle prototypes are laser cut and 3-D printed (wood and plastic), the final frame and axles are machined from aluminum (mill, lathe, hand work), wheel prototypes and final parts are laser cut and 3-D printed (acrylic and plastic), and the car bodies are 3-D printed from your own unique design.

During the design and prototyping process you’ll have the freedom to make your design unique for performance or aesthetic reasons. In addition to making the derby car, you'll also build a display stand with a wood base and steel pedestal (cut, welded and assembled by you). The wood base can also be laser engraved with whatever name, logo or personalization you want so choose wisely!

Gain New Skills

Building the derby car and collaborating on other mini-projects will give you the opportunity to learn these tools and skills:

  • Shop safety
  • Measuring tools (calipers, micrometers, machinists rulers, dial indicators, and more)
  • Band saws—horizontal/vertical
  • Laser engraving/cutting
  • 3-D printing
  • Fixturing and work holding
  • Drill press
  • Milling—vertical machines
  • Lathe—turning, parting, threading
  • Welding—GMAW (MIG)

May the Best Cars Win

On the final day of the program your car will compete in various races (downhill speed race, long-distance race, downhill/uphill conservation of energy race). There is also a judged display event. Based on the race results and judging, awards will be presented for design, execution and overall points awarded.

This program also incorporates team-based and individual design and build “mini-projects” in conjunction with the derby car build. These “mini-projects” can include small-scale wing design and wind tunnel testing, glider design, milling a 1,2,3 block and derby car prototyping to help you learn the various machine shop disciplines and give you the tools to complete the final derby car project.

Earn College Credit

Explore the exciting world of making and fabricating and earn two academic credits upon completion of the program.

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This program is offered in a single two-week session:

  • July 15 – 26

The program runs Monday through Friday on our Long Island campus.

Costs (two-week session)

  • Tuition: $1,520
  • Lab Fee: $425


We will be offering a number of merit-based scholarships for each of our programs. Scholarships will be awarded to students based on their strong interest and commitment toward pursuing their selected area of study and on merit.


  • Enrolled in high school (10th, 11th, or 12th grade).
  • Formal essay (300-350 words) explaining why you are interested in your selected program and how it will help prepare you for college and your future career.
  • Two recommendation letters from a teacher or guidance counselor.
  • Copy of most recent high school transcript.

The deadline for scholarship applications is May 1. Recipients of the scholarship will be notified the week of May 15.


NYIT Academy is for high school students, grades 9-12. To register, please submit the following:

  • Completed application form.
  • 250-word biographical statement (in English), telling us about yourself, your interests, and what you do in your spare time.
  • $500 deposit.
  • Copy of photo ID.
  • International students: Please submit a copy of your passport (valid for at least six months after the program ends) with your application materials.

Space is Limited: Register Today


Registration for the program is on a rolling basis. Once the program has reached capacity, you will be put on a waiting list.

  • May 1: Deadline for scholarship applications.