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Safety & Security

In Case of Emergency

NYIT’s experienced security professionals are trained to respond to any emergency situation. If you encounter an emergency, follow these steps:

  • call 911 immediately
  • then call NYIT campus security at 646.273.7789

You can call from your cell phone or any campus phone, or from any of the emergency “blue light” phones located throughout campus.

Emergency Alert System

NYIT uses an emergency alert system to keep you informed of campus closures, emergencies, or anything needing your immediate attention via:

  • text messages
  • emails to your @NYIT.edu account
  • phone calls

Manage your alerts

Your Safety is Important to Us

NYIT is committed to the safety of our entire campus community. Professional security teams are ready to protect you in any emergency, including:

  • any threats to the NYIT campus
  • car accidents
  • fires
  • hazardous spills and gas leaks
  • injury or illness
  • severe weather
  • theft, assault, or any other crimes

Emergency Closings

If NYIT decides to cancel classes, close the university, or delay opening during severe weather or other campus-wide emergency, we will communicate this information through:

  • NYIT emergency alert system
  • NYIT emergency hotline number: 516.686.1010
  • My NYIT web portal
  • Local media outlets:
    • FIOS1
    • News12 Long Island
    • WNBC-TV
    • Newsday
    • WCBS-AM 880
    • WINS-AM 1010
    • WHLI-AM 1100
    • WALK-FM 97.5
    • WBAB-FM 102.3
    • WBLI-FM 106.1

Safety Precautions

On Campus Alone?

The Campus Alone Program is an added measure of protection while you’re at NYIT. It is available to all members of the campus community who work or study during inactive non-business hours (evenings, weekends, holidays, etc.). Call Campus Security at 646.273.7789 at anytime, and a professional security officer will accompany you to wherever you want to go on campus. Just tell us:

  • your name, location, and phone number
  • an estimated time of departure (please let Campus Security know if this changes)
  • your mode of travel and, if applicable, a description of your vehicle and the place where you’ve parked
  • whether you desire a walking escort to your vehicle or other location

Before you leave, you must call Campus Security again to confirm that you are well and that you are departing. Campus Security may check in on you at your location, particularly if they have not received your confirmation that you have departed.

See Something That Concerns You?

The NYIT community is like family—we look out for each other. And we’re counting on you to help ensure the safety and well-being of friends, classmates, and others on campus. In addition to professional security, NYIT has trained counselors prepared to work with anyone experiencing physical, emotional, or mental issues. Contact NYIT security immediately if you witness:

  • any danger to life or property
  • medical emergencies
  • students suffering from emotional distress or mental health issues
  • threatening, irrational, or criminal behavior by another student

Concerned about a student?

Online Resources

Campus Resources

  • Need an NYIT ID? Visit the Office of Campus Security between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. Monday through Friday. You must carry your ID with you at all times to gain entry to campus events and campus buildings (and it serves as your NYIT Library Card).
  • Want to park your car? Although NYIT has no campus parking in Manhattan, at several nearby parking garages offer NYIT discounted rates. Just get your parking voucher validated at the security desks in one of our NYC campus buildings.
  • Lose something? Lost and found items are held by the Office of Campus Security. We will contact you if we find anything with your personal identification.
  • Visiting NYIT-Manhattan? All non-NYIT students and employees are required to sign in and show ID at the security desk before entering an NYIT building. All NYIT faculty and staff must obtain clearance from the Office of Campus Security for visitors, contractors, and service personnel prior to their arrival on campus.

Contact Us

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