Student Profile: Rohan Anthony

Life Sciences, B.S./Osteopathic Medicine, D.O
Year Expected to Graduate
Long Island
Hillsborough, N.J.
Student Profile: Rohan Anthony

Serving the New York Tech Community

Ever since he was a high school student, Rohan Anthony knew he wanted to be a surgeon. When the time came to choose a school, he picked New York Tech for its seven-year Life Sciences, B.S./Osteopathic Medicine, D.O. program. When he isn’t studying to become a physician, Anthony is serving the New York Tech community as the New York Tech-Long Island Student Government Association (SGA) vice president for public affairs. He sat down with The Box to talk about his new role.

What have been the highlights of your time at New York Tech?
Greek life and club activities made my first year quite memorable. In the fall semester of my first year, I joined the service fraternity Delta Epsilon Psi, and it offered many opportunities on and off campus. As part of the fraternity, I was able to be a part of many service events to bring awareness and raise money for various issues. Another group that makes my campus life memorable is the American Medical Student Association (AMSA). We hosted many events that brought B.S/D.O. students together while raising awareness for certain illnesses. Through both of these groups, I was able to expand my social network.

Can you talk more about the work you have done with Delta Epsilon Psi and AMSA?
Delta Epsilon Psi raises money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). This foundation provides money for research to find a cure for juvenile diabetes. With AMSA, we raised money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, using donation boards on Instagram. We also donated money to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center to support the healthcare workers working during the period when COVID-19 cases were on the rise.

It sounds like you have always been involved in campus life. What drew you to joining a fraternity and the SGA?
Since coming to New York Tech, I have always wanted to make a positive impact on the people around me. In the past two years, I have held many positions from being the treasurer of AMSA and Delta Epsilon Psi as well as a senator for the College of Arts and Sciences. Through these positions, I assisted in creating events that bring the New York Tech community closer. For example, AMSA hosts a game night open to all every year, and, every year, it lightens the mood for many students who are stressed due to tests or personal issues. As SGA’s vice president for public affairs, I hope to encourage and foster campus life to bring the New York Tech community closer.

What is your biggest challenge at New York Tech and how did you overcome it?
My greatest challenge was managing my time. Unlike high school, we are given the option to take classes at any time during the day or week. With the help of a few upperclassmen, I was able to pick a good schedule and learn to manage my time properly.

What would you like to accomplish in your career?
After attending medical school, I hope to match into a six-year integrated cardiothoracic surgery residency program and become a cardiothoracic surgeon. Through this, I hope to successfully treat patients with heart-related illnesses and bring smiles to their faces.