Student Profile: Joseph Olivieri

Port St. Lucie, Fla.
B.F.A., Interior Design
Year Expected to Graduate
New York City
Student Profile: Joseph Olivieri

Creative Expression

Joseph Olivieri always had a passion for the arts. After initially thinking he would pursue a career in theater, he felt that wouldn’t give him the stability he needed. He found that interior design allows him to fulfill his artistic passion. The Box sat down with Olivieri to learn more about his plans for his time at New York Tech.

Why did you choose to study at New York Institute of Technology?
New York Tech has the perfect balance of professional hands-on learning and challenging individual study. Being able to work creatively under the supervision of experienced field professionals was [a factor] in my decision to choose New York Tech. [The school’s] Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA) status will help me maximize my career opportunities and be a great launchpad for a successful career.

What attracted you to interior design?
It’s not necessarily the major I thought I’d choose [but] my whole life I’ve been consumed by my conflicting passions for performance and professional design, the likes of which offer two completely different levels of job security. Despite my love for the theater, I found I’d never feel fulfilled in such a high-risk occupation. Interior design can give me job security and a great deal of creative expression in a professional environment.

How do you think your New York Tech education will help prepare you for your future career? 
New York Tech has the resources, facilities, and community to support a diverse range of ideas and perspectives on the professional world and how to find my unique artistic voice. One of the greatest things about New York Tech is its commitment to getting students’ work and ideas into the hands of private, professional companies by encouraging them to engage in conventions and design exhibits throughout the academic year, in turn placing them on [prospective employers’] radars for future job opportunities.

What are you most looking forward to at New York Tech?
What’s most intriguing about New York Tech is its diverse student body and how well they’ve integrated various perspectives and practices into everyday study and engagement. Growing up in a very diverse community, I’ve always had this innate urge to seek out other perspectives. Throughout high school, I felt it was my responsibility to speak up for those who haven’t yet found their voice and ensure their ideas saw the light of day. My decision to attend New York Tech has yielded an unprecedented amount of opportunity for me to pave the way for the future of our generation in an inclusive and safe environment.