Student Profile: John Mari

Miller Place, N.Y.
B.S., Life Sciences/D.O., Osteopathic Medicine
Year Expected to Graduate
Long Island
Student Profile: John Mari

On a Path to Healing Others

John Mari’s dream is to become a physician so he can help heal others. The incoming freshman is enrolled in the Life Sciences, B.S./Osteopathic Medicine, D.O., program, where students earn their degree in seven years instead of the traditional eight. The Box sat down with Mari to hear more about his plans for his time at New York Tech.

What attracted you to medicine?
I have always enjoyed interacting with people, and volunteering at Stony Brook Hospital allowed me to see how truly impactful physicians are and how helpful emotional support from physicians can be for both the patients and their families. Despite no one in my family holding a graduate degree, I opted to pursue this career in large part due to my grandfather’s struggle with blood cancer. I have admired his vigorous fight for the past 15 years, including a five-week hospital stay. My parents’ and younger sister’s constant support and encouragement, along with my grandfather’s strength, have shown me that I can surmount even the most arduous of challenges.

Why did you choose to study at New York Institute of Technology?
Making new friends with similar interests is what initially attracted me to New York Tech. I saw how close students in the B.S./ D.O. major were after speaking with a few at last fall’s Open House, and how much study groups and collaborative learning are valued at New York Tech. But most importantly, my dream is to become a physician so that I can help heal others. New York Tech’s B.S./D.O. program offers me the most opportunity to achieve my dreams. It puts me on the fast track to medical school, and I am able to further my passion for science in so many courses with amazing faculty to guide me in the prescribed curriculum of the program. New York Institute of Technology is where I believe I will excel both personally and academically. It will help me grow as a person.

What are you most looking forward to at New York Tech?
I want to join science, math, and pre-med clubs to meet other students like me who are on the path to becoming a physician. Research and other direct involvement in studies outside of the classroom are also of great interest to me, as I enjoy solving problems and absorbing new knowledge.

How do you think your New York Tech education will help prepare you for your future desired career? 
After a lengthy college search, New York Tech’s resources and programs embodied the most well-rounded approach to a college education for me. From New York Tech’s study groups and tailored extra help programs to its plethora of clubs and other networking opportunities, I feel that New York Tech will give me the best education and experience to be prepared for medical school, my residency, and most importantly, a job in the healthcare field afterward. I feel that New York Tech fosters a community of learning and innovation among faculty and students, which is why I know that taking classes here is where I will not only learn the most about science but also the most about my future career and how to accomplish everything that I am capable of. To me, New York Tech’s openings for success are boundless, and I plan to take full advantage of that fantastic quality over the next seven years.