Fay Teplitsky

Wayne, New Jersey
Class of
Accounting, B.S./ M.B.A.
Fay Teplitsky

Fay Teplitsky's best NYIT experience began hundreds of miles from the Manhattan campus in a place she almost never heard of—Nurmes, Finland. She went there in March 2014, one of five School of Management student-ambassadors who received scholarships to attend a two-week international workshop, including stops in Sweden and Russia.

I met people from around the world and learned how communications skills work with international students, Teplitsky says.

Taking a look at Fay Teplitsky’s passport shows anyone that she is an experienced traveler. From presenting her research about A Case Study in Fraud Prevention-Charlene Corley, in Las Vegas to participating in the 17th International Workshop in Finland. and to her most recent adventures in China, she is an avid global adventurer.

Having a great experience traveling, Teplitsky was planning a trip to China and sought advice from her fellow classmates and NYIT Community. During a class she mentioned her traveling ideas and a fellow classmate offered to help. Participating in the 17th International Workshop offered Teplitsky the chance to make life long friends and connections. Collaboratively, everyone in the group reconnected and met up in Thailand, Indonesia, and China. Everyone went to a small island called Umag, then traveled to Jakarta. “It was amazing that we were all able to meet up again and this all started with participating through this workshop”.

Participating in various campus activities, you can find Teplitsky as Vice President of the Accounting Club and on the Student Advisory Board. Going back to her roots Teplitsky has gone back to visit her high school and speak to future accounting students about the field. She mentions she loves Accounting for helping mold her into the person she is today. “ It pushed me to go out of my comfort zone, and to keep going on and not quit”.

Teplisky also served on the NYIT team that won first place in the spring 2014 Corporate Challenge. The annual initiative is popular with students because they gain out-of-classroom experience and work with industry executives. This year's challenge entailed creating business plans to raise sales for the startup Herbal Destination. Impressed by business pitches made by the competing NYIT teams, the startup's CEO and vice president gifted $15,000 to the School of Management.

Being published in a scholarly journal is another one of Teplitsky’s accomplishments. With help from Dean Jess Boronico and Professor Peter Harris, Teplitsky’s work can be viewed with “Benford’s Law and Applications For the Internal Auditor”. She mentions, “When I received the phone call about this I was ecstatic”.

Teplistky mentions that her favorite classes at NYIT are Physics and Finance.

She is currently working with NYIT’s James Wightman to show students a creative way to demonstrate their resumes and work: an online portfolio filled with pictures and organized sections to show their accomplishments. ”We want to use this as an example for other students to see and have them create their own”.

Imagining Teplitsky as a shy freshman seems like a stretch, but she admits that's exactly who she was in 2012. Everything changed when she met School of Management Dean Jess Boronico at NYIT orientation and convinced him to be her mentor.

He got me involved, she says. He's always letting students lead the way and challenging us to create new activities like my mentoring group. Now I can offer my public speaking skills and knowledge to help other students.

In her spare time, you can find her collecting tea, and working on new makeup products. “I always enjoyed mixing different products with hers and oils to create new products and see how they react”.

Fay Teplitsky is the definition of excitement and adventure.