Alumni Profile: Ning Wang

M.B.A. ’21
Business Administration
Current Position
Founder and chairperson, Shanghai Running Fund Industrial Co., Ltd.; chairperson for Alacer Smart City Development
Alumni Profile: Ning Wang

An Inspiring First Impression

A good friend of Ning Wang (M.B.A. ’21) recommended that she look into the Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics (JUFE) M.B.A. program offered in partnership with New York Tech in Shanghai, China. In April 2018, she was invited to attend an alumni event to celebrate New York Tech’s 20 years in China. At the event, she was introduced to New York Tech President Hank Foley, Ph.D., and other leaders and found their talks to be inspiring. She was also impressed by the accomplishments of its alumni. She immediately decided she was going to enroll. Wang sat down with The Box to talk about her time at New York Tech and her career.

What were the highlights for you when you look back at your time at New York Tech?
The joint Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics (JUFE) M.B.A. program has a strong curriculum with excellent faculty and students with diverse backgrounds. I was impressed with the courses taught by Professor of Management and Marketing Studies Scott Liu. He combined academic knowledge with real cases so that students can better grasp and skillfully apply them in real life. I felt a sudden surprise for someone like me who hadn’t been back to class in over a decade. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we experienced a special year. All the regular in-person courses were turned into online courses. We shared the challenges of life, as well as the joys and gains. In a word, New York Tech provided a good learning atmosphere where we could make progress and improve ourselves.

Tell us about your career, what accomplishments in your career are you most proud of and can you talk about what you are doing now?
With more than 10 years of experience in coordinated land and housing development, I was mainly involved in one of the most successful transnational government co-development projects, perhaps in the world, in land use planning, development, and utilization of 3,295 acres of Sino-Singapore Nanjing Island in Nanjing, China, a key project under the Singapore-Jiangsu Cooperation Council (SJCC). During this period, I led the effort to bring in 20 billion renimbi (RMB), the official currency of the People’s Republic of China (worth approximately $3 billion U.S.), of industrial investments, including funds for the Sembcorp-Singapore Global Water Research Centre under Temasek Holdings, for the flagship agricultural tourism project of China Resources Huafa Group, which is China’s major state-owned enterprise. I launched the Singapore-Nanjing Science and Technology Industrial Park, which is the recipient of the MIPIM-Asia Architecture Award. My experiences also include investment and divestment at the scale of billions of RMB (hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars) over five years’ alternative asset management.

I was also involved in urban development and fund management with the creation of Running Fund Co., Ltd. in 2018. The company focuses on the investment and mergers and acquisitions of non-performing assets and has established joint venture platforms with many state-owned enterprises in the cities of Shanghai, Xiamen, Huzhou, and the Province of Xinjiang, to revitalize and re-envision commercial/residential spaces in old-town areas of central cities.

What advice would you have for New York Tech's incoming students?
Study hard, present more, enjoy New York Tech!