Alumni Profile: Hala Sabry

D.O. ’07; M.B.A. ’07
Current Job
ER Doctor, Founder of the Physician Moms Group, and Community and Health-Care Advocate
Alumni Profile: Hala Sabry

Healing Others to Guide the Next Generation

Hala Sabry (D.O. ’07, M.B.A. ’07) always had big dreams. When she decided to attend NYITCOM, she also pursued an M.B.A. with the goal of working in the health-care industry. “I knew I couldn’t save the world,” she says, “but I wanted to protect and help doctors whose roles were changing in our health-care system so they can continue to save the world.”

Since graduating, her goals have evolved. She still helps her fellow doctors (in 2014, she founded the support network Physician Moms Group), but her focus is broader. In addition to working as an emergency room doctor at two hospitals in Los Angeles, Sabry partnered with UNICEF to start a program aimed at eradicating tetanus in developing countries. She also serves on the National Women’s History Museum’s LA Council where she is fund-raising for their museum in Washington D.C. “The hope is it will honor the thousands of women who have contributed to history but are missing from history books,” she says.

A strong community is important to Sabry—and something she appreciated about NYIT. “I only have positive memories of medical school. ... I am still in touch with many of my mentors.” Now she is the mentor, including to an exclusive group of five: her children. “To have the fuel to do what I do, I need to make sure that I’m happy and fulfilled. In order to do that, I need to immerse myself in projects that are meaningful to me and representative of my character. After all, my children are watching. I want them to look at me and be proud. And I want them to think, ‘I can do that too.’”