Alumni Profile: Carl Kindborg

B.S. ’10, M.S. ’13
Interdisciplinary Studies, Human Resources Management and Labor Relations
Current Position
Head of Human Resources-Nordic Region, Citi
Alumni Profile: Carl Kindborg

Putting People First

As an undergraduate, Carl Kindborg (B.S. ’10, M.S. ’13) enrolled in the interdisciplinary studies program, focusing on business, communication, and humanities after receiving a scholarship to play basketball. “What really attracted me to the school was the combination of highly competitive athletics, excellent academics, and the welcoming students and staff,” he recalls. After he completed his B.S., he earned a master’s degree in human resources management and labor relations.

Here, he recalls what attracted him to the field of human resources, how New York Institute of Technology prepared him for success, and what his current roles and responsibilities are:

What drew you to the field of human resources?
I have always considered myself a “jack of all trades” (and master of some), and I knew that I wanted to work with people, find solutions, accomplish goals, and make a difference. Human capital is the heart that keeps every successful organization pumping. Recruiting, developing top talent, global mobility, diversity, and building an inclusive culture are more important than ever, and doing this in a sustainable and responsible way will have a huge impact on revenues, shareholders, and our communities. My degrees from New York Institute of Technology have equipped me with the necessary tools to help tackle these challenges.

How did New York Tech prepare you for success in getting and succeeding in your job?
My education definitely provided me with a very good foundation. Being part of New York Institute of Technology’s basketball program helped me develop key skills such as teamwork, communication, and active listening, all of which are very important in today’s working environment. Also, as captain of the team, I gained valuable leadership experience in guiding a group of individuals towards a common goal.

Once I completed my undergraduate studies, I had done pretty well for myself, both academically and athletically, and the athletic director at the time gave me the opportunity to pursue my master’s while working as a graduate assistant in the sports marketing department. I was, and still am, extremely grateful for that opportunity.

Also, early on in my career, I was fortunate to have very supportive managers who constantly pushed me out of my comfort zones, believed in me, and provided me with mentorship and opportunities to grow and develop. Having a genuine interest in people and building strong relationships are key, and I have made it a priority to maintain and nurture these relationships as I progress in life and my career.

What is your job like?
Currently I’m the head of Human Resources for Citi in the Nordic Region. In my role, I oversee the human capital for the four Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland), and I work very closely with our Nordic CEO to establish and execute our people strategy across the region. What I enjoy the most about what I do is that no day looks the same as another, and since Citi is a truly global organization, I have the privilege to work with people from all over the world, which is a lot of fun.

Would you like to share a special memory about a New York Tech experience?
One specific faculty member who had a big influence on my career path was my professor in change management. This is an area that I’m still very interested in, and his classes really taught me a lot about the importance of adaptability and managing change, both on a company and individual level.

We stayed in contact after I graduated. During my first job, when I was responsible for finding a keynote speaker, I invited him to present to our management team on how to effectively manage change in a global organization. His presentation was very well received, and it was great to see my old professor again.

It’s difficult to pick just one memory, since I had so many great experiences at New York Institute of Technology. The relationships and the moments shared with the students, faculty, student athletes, professors, and university staff were really special. I am very proud to have attended our school and to continue to be a New York Tech ambassador. Go Bears!