Throwback Thursday Photo: NYIT Engineering Is Electric


Throwback Thursday Photo: NYIT Engineering Is Electric

October 1, 2015

Today's photo dates to 1973, when an oil embargo against the United States spurred an energy crisis in the country and renewed the public's interest in electric cars. As reported in the spring 2007 issue of NYIT Magazine, the photo shows engineering students under the direction of Professor Edward Kafrissen, Ph.D., as they lower a 1965 General Motors Corvair into the machine shop inside Harry Schure Hall at the Old Westbury campus. The group later removed the engine and installed an electric motor with a rechargeable battery.

More than 40 years later, NYIT students are still learning by tinkering with cars. The university's Old Westbury chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers hosts an annual car show that's also a fundraiser for the Wounded Warriors Project, an organization that supports injured U.S. military veterans. Read more about SAE.

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