NYIT student working on a robot.


NYIT Receives Grant from Northrop Grumman

January 4, 2017

NYIT has received a $100,000 award from Northrop Grumman in support of training and research programs at the university’s Cybersecurity Research Center, which was recently designated a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education by the National Security Agency (NSA). The grant, secured by Babak Beheshti, Ph.D., professor of electrical and computer engineering, and electrical engineering technology, will support professional education and research activities in the field of cybersecurity at NYIT’s Long Island and Abu Dhabi campuses.

“We are very pleased that Northrop Grumman has generously awarded this proposal,” said Beheshti. “In an age where cybersecurity has gained prominence in every aspect of our lives from personal privacy, to business and ecommerce, and to national security, NYIT strives to be a focal point in creating new knowledge and technologies in cybersecurity, as well as in training and community engagement in various fields of cybersecurity.”

“This grant will allow NYIT to educate a cadre of cyber experts who will lead the way in protecting national interests in cyberspace,” said Nada Marie Anid, Ph.D., dean of NYIT’s School of Engineering & Computing Sciences. “It will provide a platform for education, training, and synergistic research in the fields of IT, cyber security and resiliency, and the protection of critical infrastructure. The grant will aid undergraduate and graduate students and faculty members as well as those engaged in related technology innovation and entrepreneurial activities, including veterans and our alumni.”

NYIT programs and activities at the Center, will also work on developing new technologies to help secure critical national information and data pools, by engaging a select group of NYIT students and faculty members to conduct research seeking to advance technology innovation in the fields of information assurance and cyber defense. Some of the research will take place in NYIT’s Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation Center, also located on NYIT’s Long Island campus, in conjunction with corporate partners, including local start-up companies.