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News Byte: Women Get Wise About Their Financial Success

October 2, 2020

At the “Wise Women Wednesday: Achieve Financial Freedom” discussion on September 23, Maria L. Ellis, M.B.A., author and board member of the American Association of University Women (AAUW), advised women the way to achieve financial freedom is to invest early, reduce debt, and create a flexible financial vision. During the event, held in collaboration with the AAUW and the women’s networking group Ivy Network, Ellis discussed her book, Achieve Financial Freedom: The Road Map to Financial Success, in which she offers concrete advice on how ensuring personal financial management enhances one’s efforts and achievements in other aspects of life.

Ellis stressed the importance of having a comprehensive financial plan that can be reviewed often and modified as a woman’s lifestyle changes. A personal financial budget is a strong foundation to successfully manage finances in the present and prepare for the future. She also discussed the distinct challenges women face in striving for economic success in their workplace, personal lives, and as a result of societal expectations, such as women’s family obligations and the difficulty in balancing work and life, as well as having to make accommodations by working part-time and taking on less visible roles.