Matthew Santamaria, John Santamaria, John Colquhoun, Amy Chan, Erica Brandt, Marisa Musto, and Kevin Hort


It’s the Big 5-0 for the Campus Slate

November 8, 2016

Photo: Photo: Pictured from left to right are former and current editors in chief. Matthew Santamaria (current editor in chief), John Santamaria, John Colquhoun, Amy Chan, Erica Brandt, Marisa Musto, and Kevin Horton (current faculty advisor).

The Campus Slate, NYIT-Long Island’s student newspaper, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Students, faculty members, and alumni—including past Slate editors in chief—gathered on November 4 at Revel restaurant in Garden City to mark the milestone.

“It was a wonderful event. It reconnected former classmates spanning nearly all 50 years of the paper. The memories that were shared really echoed how much the NYIT experience and, specifically, being a writer or editor for the Campus Slate meant for the alumni,” said Sabrina Polidoro, assistant director of alumni relations.

The student newspaper has come a long way since its inception in 1966. This past May, the commencement edition was published for the first time in color.

“This striking change reflects the changes in the larger media world,” said John Hanc, associate professor and former faculty advisor to the Slate. “It’s far more visually sophisticated than the Slate of 50 years ago, and as a print product, produced in tandem with a website and an app, it represents only part of the way the Slate is distributed.”

Social media and website traffic have grown to play a crucial role said Matthew Santamaria, the current editor in chief. “With the help from social media editor Shannon Duer, we have come up with creative ways to get people interested in the stories we are covering,” he said. “We are in the developing stages of our app—and it will provide another way to read stories. And next semester we will be collaborating with the Manhattan Globe. But stay tuned for that!”

Still, despite all the changes, a few things about the Slate have remained consistent. Speaking to the crowd, Hanc said: “That’s quality student journalism and quality students, dedicated students, like all of you.”

Added Santamaria, “This milestone shows the hard work and dedication from students throughout the years. The Campus Slate gives students the chance to speak their mind and make an impact.”