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Instagram vs. Reality: Meet the Fall 2022 Social Media Ambassadors

November 7, 2022

Top row, from left: Sumayyah Muhit, Antonio Perez, Natalia Chancafe; bottom row, from left: Kishore Saravana, Nazia Rahman

Wonder what it’s really like being a New York Tech student? New York Institute of Technology social media ambassadors offer a daily look into their lives as they navigate their fall semester at the Long Island and New York City campuses.

Meet the newest cohort.

Natalia Chancafe

Communication and Media Production
New York City


Natalia Chancafe was interested in becoming a social media ambassador because she wanted students to feel like they could relate to someone. As a commuter student who attends classes both online and in person, she wanted to show students how they can still get involved with activities on campus.

Chancafe says she chose New York Tech because “I fell in love with the communications arts department as well as the location. I love how diverse the community is and all the events the school hosts. There’s always something to do!”

With aspirations of working in the social and digital media industry, Chancafe is gaining real-world experience through various roles on campus. She is the social media and outreach strategist for, a New York Tech blog run by Professor Jonathan Goldman, Ph.D. She is also part of the Manhattan Globe student newspaper and the National Society of Leadership and Success.

Her Advice
“Don’t be afraid to leave the nest. A lot of my friends were staying more local or going to the same college as each other, but I decided to go with my gut [with choosing New York Tech], and I’m glad I did.”

Fun Facts
“One thing my followers don’t know about me is I love performing! I used to be a competitive dancer in New Jersey, and I have always loved to be on stage. I love listening to podcasts and watching YouTube videos. My favorite music artist is SZA, but I love the band Queen. I love coffee. It’s even a dessert to me sometimes.”

This semester, followers will find Chancafe sharing lifestyle content, fitness and study tips, and daily vlogs.

Sumayyah Muhit

Long Island

For Sumayyah Muhit, the social media ambassador program provides an accessible platform for students to see their peers’ journey in their school. “It’s a comforting and opening environment for peers to reach out to the ambassadors in quick and efficient ways like direct messaging. In addition, it’s a great resource for students unsure of which college to go to because they can see a transparent representation of my time here as a student,” she says.

With aspirations of becoming an emergency room pediatric physician, Muhit was initially drawn to New York Tech’s life sciences/osteopathic medicine (B.S./D.O.) program before switching to the biology program. “I’m excited to hopefully one day reach my goal and help as many children and their families as I can. Only then will all of this be worth it.” Already well on her way, Muhit is a part-time pediatric medical assistant working with newborn babies.

Full of determination, she started a small baking business, creating a variety of custom cakes for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and more.

“One thing my followers don’t know about me is how much I value my cultural roots at the end of the day,” she said. “It’s not something I project in my daily life, so I want to start sharing that because there’s so much to being a first-generation student that gets lost when we try to fit into the societal standards. I value making sure I’m accepted and fit in, but I think I can do a good job sharing my personal life as well.”

Her Advice
“Find a place that offers student engagement. Academics is very important, but ultimately college is somewhere you’ll be spending four years (or more) of your life, so you want to make sure it’s a place that makes it easy for you to socialize. Do a lot of research before committing.”

Fun Facts
“Being adventurous, creating memories, and having new experiences is what I enjoy the most. Quality time is definitely something I value, and the best times I have are with the people I love having good laughs.”

This semester, join Muhit as she navigates working and studying, all while being involved on campus.

Antonio Perez

Digital Arts
New York City

Seasoned ambassador, Antonio Perez, finds social media as a way for the New York Tech community to engage with each other in a positive and fun way. He values his friendships with students in his major. “If you stick with your major and follow your semester map, you’re going to share a lot of classes, so it’s nice to have that community,” he said.

A true content creator, Perez hopes to work as a designer creating visual stories to make a difference by bringing awareness to community issues.

His Advice
“Search for programs and opportunities that best fit your interests. At the end of the day, follow what feels right and comes naturally. It’s normal to be scared, and if you end up changing your mind, you can always fix it!”

Fun Facts
“I like to read, watch movies, bake, and go for walks.”

This semester, followers can expect to see lifestyle content of living and learning in New York City.

Nazia Rahman

Long Island and New York City

Nazia Rahman chose New York Tech because it was near her home, yet far enough to give her the independence she was seeking. An aspiring dentist, she is interested in pursuing medical school in the future.

She says the social media ambassador program is important to students because they can learn what New York Tech has to offer and the resources available to them in school and around campus. Rahman is a sister of Kappa Phi Gamma Sorority, Inc. and the president of the Bengali Student Association.

“There are many places to study and things to do,” she says. “I love creating reels and TikToks. Being a social media ambassador allows me to have a focus for what kind of content to create. I can take my followers through my days as a full-time student.”

Her Advice
“Choose what is best for you and prioritize yourself. Start your search early and see what the school has to offer. Make sure it has what you’re looking for in a college.”

Fun Facts
“I’ve traveled to 14 countries. I love doing makeup on myself and others, and I am a foodie. I love trying new restaurants, especially if they are picture worthy. I am an artist, too. When I have free time, I love to draw and paint. I have a sorority/fraternity paddle business and I freelance in henna.”

This semester, check out Rahmin’s vlogs covering her student life, photography, and study motivation.

Kishore Saravana

New York City

Kishore Saravana is taking his on-campus leadership to Instagram. In addition to his new role as a social media ambassador, he is the president of the Graduate Student Association, vice president of the Student Advisory Board, an ambassador for the School of Management, an orientation leader, photographer and writer for the Manhattan Globe student newspaper, and a graduate assistant and peer advisor.

Saravana was drawn to New York Tech because of the specialization offered in operations and supply chain management and the diverse student population. “I find living between Indian and American cultures to be an incredibly fulfilling experience. Both cultures make me the person that I am today,” he said. “I find constant transformation and growth at New York Tech.”

His Advice
“Choose your campus according to the interests and cultures you would like to experience.”

Fun Facts
“I can speak six different languages, and I like to go on photo shoots around the city early in the morning. I can make anyone laugh when posing for a photo!”

Followers of Saravana will find tips and information about departments and services available to students, coverage of events, and takeovers.

Learn more about the social media ambassador program.