17th Annual Faculty Scholars Reception: Celebrating NYIT’s Finest Minds


17th Annual Faculty Scholars Reception: Celebrating NYIT’s Finest Minds

April 16, 2018

In 2017, NYIT faculty members made new discoveries, worked on innovative research, and presented their findings at conferences around the world. On April 10, they were honored for their work at the 17th Annual Faculty Scholars Reception at NYIT de Seversky Mansion.

“It is with great pride that we recognize the nearly 180 scholars, scientists, professionals, and researchers whose work is being highlighted,” said NYIT President Hank Foley, Ph.D. “They represent some of NYIT’s finest minds and creative thinkers—whether it’s pioneering research that leads to the creation of new medical devices, sharpening our defenses against cyber intruders, or leading intellectual discussions about the impact of technology on humanity.”

Watch the video and read more below.

In addition to displaying posters and papers from dozens of faculty members, the event featured three faculty members presenting their work: Colleen P. Kirk, M.B.A., D.P.S., assistant professor in NYIT School of Management, spoke about territorial behavior in shoppers; N. Sertac Artan, Ph.D., assistant professor in NYIT School of Engineering and Computing Sciences, discussed his research that looks at ways to use low-power smart sensing electronic medical devices to fight epilepsy; and Bryan Gibb, Ph.D., assistant professor in NYIT College of Arts and Sciences, held everyone’s attention when he explained that more bacteria are becoming resistant to broad-spectrum antibiotics, but that bacteriophages (viruses that attack bacteria, which are the focus of his research) could be the solution to fighting these dangerous infections. Gibb, along with many other faculty members, also invites students to participate in his research. In this case, he tasks students with hunting down and identifying specific phages.

2017 Faculty Research by the Numbers:

  • 111 authors with 281 publication credits.
  • 95 presenters with 336 conference presentations.
  • 30 honorees with 87 awards.
  • 4 designers with 7 exhibitions.
  • 139 grant recipients with 220 grants received (internal and external).
  • 2 patent holders with 4 patents.

The annual reception is part of Inauguration Week celebrating NYIT’s fourth president, Hank Foley, Ph.D. Learn more about the week’s events.