Student Ambassadors: Arkansas

Alexandra (Julia) Petrusan Headshot

Alexandra (Julia) Petrusan

Campus: Jonesboro
Highest Education: M.A.
Pronouns: She, Her, Hers
Hometown: Mount Prospect, IL
Undergrad/Grad School (Major): Grinnell College (Biology and Spanish), Loyola University (Master of Arts in Medical Science)
Clubs and Activities: Student Osteopathic Medical Association, American Medical Women's Association, Interdisciplinary Medical Research Association

I chose NYITCOM because: During my interview at NYITCOM-JB I could picture myself as a part of the community. Everyone I had come into contact with seemed so positive, warm, and welcoming. Learning about all of the different opportunities offered by the school, I knew that this was somewhere I could thrive while obtaining my medical education.

NYITCOM is special because: I am originally from the suburbs of Chicago, and one of the most special things to me about NYITCOM-JB is that I can first-hand see the medical attention required within the Delta region. Also, the wonderful opportunities where students can step into the community and assist in addressing disparities within the region.

Future Plans and Goals: I am interested in Ob/Gyn

Ashley Prabakar Headshot

Ashley Prabakar

Campus: Jonesboro
Highest Education: B.S.
Pronouns: She, Her, Hers
Hometown: Hoffman Estates, IL
Undergrad/Grad School (Major): Loyola University Chicago (Healthcare Administration)
Clubs and Activities: ACOP - First Year Liaison, SGA - Wellness Committee Representative, ACONP, AMWA, IMRA

I chose NYITCOM because: I chose NYITCOM because of the energetic and warm environment I experienced on interview day. All the students and faculty seemed to know each other on a personal level and truly care for each other. The school embodied a supportive, nurturing atmosphere which is what I was looking for in a medical school.

NYITCOM is special because: NYITCOM offers many interesting courses that provide their students with a well-rounded education in many aspects of healthcare. For example, the COM includes population health and telemedicine courses in our curriculum that will better prepare us to be physicians in the future. These courses teach us to be aware of the various ways we can deliver healthcare to diverse populations.

Future Plans and Goals: I am open to any speciality, but I have a strong interest in pediatrics as I like working with children. In the future, I hope to open my own clinic using my business background.


Lena Rammouni

Campus: Jonesboro
Highest Education: B.S.
Pronouns: She, Her, Hers
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Undergrad/Grad School (Major): University of Michigan - Dearborn (Biopsychology)
Clubs and Activities: Vice President of American College of Osteopathic Pediatricians (ACOP), Research, member of Emergency Medicine RSO and SIMS

I chose NYITCOM because: I wanted to be part of a supportive community throughout my medical school journey. I remember during my interview at NYITCOM, I was welcomed with open arms from current students, faculty, and staff. Additionally, NYITCOM offered a medical curriculum focused on advance patient-centered, population-based osteopathic health care, which aligned with my own medical goals.

NYITCOM is special because: Starting medical school during a pandemic has its unique challenges, but the resiliency demonstrated by the Class of 2024 is unmatched. This is what makes us so special. Despite not physically interacting my students and staff, I surprisingly felt a sense of community and support thru our Zoom meetings and GroupMe group chats. Additionally, faculty and staff made themselves available to guide us during these difficult times. We are all in this together, and I absolutely love how we as a class lift each other up to succeed. I have gained life-long friends and support system!

Future Plans and Goals: My goal in medicine is to become an osteopathic physician who facilitates strong patient-relationships through technical expertise and compassionate care. I have witnessed the effectiveness of this approach throughout my father’s stroke recovery. My current area of interests are Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine, and Neurology/Psychiatry.

Adrian Ressing Headshot

Adrian Ressing

Campus: Jonesboro
Highest Education: B.S.
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Undergrad/Grad School (Major): Ohio State University (Athletic Training)
Clubs and Activities: 1st year liaison for the Sports Medicine RSO

I chose NYITCOM because: During my interview, the entire school, faculty, and students were very welcoming and made me feel right at home.

NYITCOM is special because: Everyone here is a big family and they all want you to succeed and are there no matter what to support you along your journey.

Future Plans and Goals: I am keeping an open mind, but as of now I am very interested in Orthopedic Surgery and Radiology. I would love to end up back in Chicago later in life but I am open to living anywhere.

Sabrina Schwab Headshot

Sabrina Schwab

Campus: Jonesboro
Highest Education: B.S
Pronouns: She, Her, Hers
Hometown: Lucas, TX
Undergrad/Grad School (Major): Biology major, Chemistry minor
Clubs and Activities: ROS - Sports Medicine, Family/Rural Medicine, General Surgery, and Christian Medical and Dental Association

I chose NYITCOM because: I chose to attend NYITCOM for multiple reasons. On my interview day, everyone was so happy, and it truly felt like a family that I wanted to be apart of. I loved hearing about the Delta-Care-a-Van, and knew I wanted to be involved in this. I admired the community outreach programs like engaging with high school students, as I believe that educating and encouraging the next generation is essential for a better and healthier tomorrow. Additionally, serving underserved communities is very important to me, and the emphasis this school places on the underserved communities is very special to me.

NYITCOM is special because: I love the emphasis the school places on serving underserved communities. I also admire the fact that as a medical student, I have the opportunity to get out into my community and help educate and serve those around me. NYITCOM already feels like a family to me, and during a pandemic and being far from home, it is wonderful to feel this family aspect.

Future Plans and Goals: I have an open mind because honestly everything excites me at this point, but I know that I want to serve underserved communities. I am interested in family medicine, OBGYN, general surgery, and sports medicine. Whatever I become, I hope to make a lasting impact on peoples lives and to truly make a difference.


Hannah Sullivan

Campus: Jonesboro
Highest Education: M.S.
Pronouns: She, Her, Hers
Hometown: Fayetteville, AR
Undergrad/Grad School (Major): University of Mississippi (Chemistry)/Saint Louis University (Anatomy)
Clubs and Activities: OB/GYN RSO, SOMA, CMDA

I chose NYITCOM because: ultimately, I want to stay in Arkansas and practice medicine. The first thing that drew me to NYITCOM was the strong emphasis on working in underserved parts of the delta region. Being from Arkansas, I have seen the disparities that one side of the state has compared to the other. I have family that lived in small, rural towns that had to drive long ways to get to their doctor’s appointments, and I understand that not everyone is able to do that. Arkansas has always been very special to me, even though I have lived in other states, and I truly cherish that I have the opportunity to serve the state that means so much to me.

NYITCOM is special because: they gave me the chance to chase my dreams. The caring community around NYITCOM has pushed me to give more than I ever thought I could to pursue my dream of becoming a doctor. The faculty and staff have answered, what I thought may have been dumb questions, with such kindness. The school is giving me the opportunity to serve those who may have never had a chance to be served otherwise.

Future Plans and Goals: In an ideal world, I would be part of the Baptist program and do my residency in Memphis in OB/GYN. After that, I would be honored to match into the Memphis OB/GYN Baptist residency and train in Memphis to get a wide exposure to all aspects of OB/GYN. After residency, my plan is to do a fellowship in REI so that I could potentially bring an REI clinic to a part of Arkansas that does not have one. This part of Arkansas is very fortunate to be able to travel a short distance to Memphis, but Northwest and Southern Arkansas do not have that ease. I would ideally love to start a clinic in an underserved part of Arkansas, but also do rural OB/GYN medicine.

Benjamin Wagner Headshot

Benjamin Wagner

Campus: Jonesboro
Highest Education: B.S.
Pronouns: He, Him, His
Hometown: Carbondale, Il
Undergrad/Grad School (Major): Eastern Illinois University (Biology)
Clubs and Activities: EM RSO member, IM RSO member, Anesthesiology RSO member, ACOFP and Rural Medicine member

I chose NYITCOM because: I chose NYITCOM because of the people. One of the most important parts of med school to me is that you get along with your peers. In 4 years, everyone you attend medical school with will be doctors and I think it's vital that you trust those people. When I interviewed every current med student and interviewing student was kind and friendly. To me, medicine is not just about being competent, but also about compassion. This is the only school I interviewed at that made me feel that.

NYITCOM is special because: NYITCOM is special to me because they view their students as more than just a number or score. I truly feel valued by the community. Coming from a small university where I could always talk to any professor I wanted to at any time, it's very special that I can always reach out to our faculty whenever I need anything. It is important to have people to lean on in med school and I'm glad I chose NYIT for that reason.

Future Plans and Goals: I am currently interested in EM, IM, FM, or anesthesia. Each sound enticing to me and I have not been able to narrow down my list yet. I am looking forward to my clinical years to learn more!