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NYITCOM Student Speaks Out on Mental Illness and Suicide

Raising awareness about mental health is key for physicians and medical students.

Empowering Patients to be Healthy

Find out how Daniel J. Cavallo (D.O. '09) is making a difference by practicing medicine.

How Did the Giraffe Get Its Long Neck?

NYIT researchers' new study reveals an interesting and surprising evolutionary transformation.

New NYIT Center To Co-Sponsor Sports Medicine Conference

NYIT's Center for Sports Medicine will co-sponsor a conference on caring for athletic patients.

From Vulcan Salute to Papal Blessing, Ulnar Nerve Damage Caused Original Benediction Sign

Bennett Futterman's anatomy analysis reveals the origin of today's familiar hand blessing.

NYIT Students and Faculty Provide Medical and Health Services in Haiti and Ghana

View photos of summer 2015 service trips organized by NYIT Center for Global Health.

NYIT Scientist Researches Missing Link in Turtle Evolution

Gaberiel Bever's study of 260-million-year-old skulls reveals new information about the origin of turtles.

Third-Year Medical Students Receive White Coats

NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine students start their clinical rotations.

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