Debra A. Vogel Student Advancement Program

Advance Your Education

Develop leadership skills and engage in activities designed to build your stature within the business community. Named after an accomplished businesswomen and New York Tech alumna, the Debra A. Vogel Student Advancement Program prepares you for a global career by emphasizing civic responsibility, personal growth, and cooperative, team-driven experiences.

  • Participate in New York Tech student organizations, clubs, honor societies, and special events designed to build teamwork, cultivate your leadership abilities, and demonstrate your applied knowledge.
  • Take advantage of academic assistance, career advisement, and mentoring programs to maximize your educational and professional development
  • Expand your learning opportunities beyond the classroom to include community service projects as well as visits to global financial sites, such as the New York Stock Exchange, Wall Street and Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
  • Serve as an Student Ambassador or as a member of the Student Advisory Board and learn important team building, communication, and leadership skills while promoting and advancing the mission of the School of Management.

Speak to your faculty advisor to determine which activities are available each semester.

How Much Student Advancement Do I Participate in?

We encourage you to take as many student advancement activities as possible to fully develop your professional skills. You’re required to complete one Student Advancement point for every 15 credits earned (rounded up) to fulfill degree requirements for a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Please note some activities can be repeated to net you more than one point. Contact the Student Advancement Program director for details.

Student Advancement Activities

Successful completion of individual activities earns you one Student Advancement point that you will apply toward your degree.

American Historical and Cultural Appreciation Experience


Learn about American history and culture as you visit key sites such as the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall in Philadelphia, the USS Intrepid, Ellis Island, and the Statue of Liberty. You’ll also visit the Tenement Museum to learn how immigrants across the centuries arrived in America, where they lived, and their working conditions.

Academic Assistance


Take advantage of our onsite and online tutoring options and keep your GPA at its highest. We’ll help you form study groups with fellow students, track your progress through each semester, and ensure you have the resources and guidance to master your areas of study.

Career Advisement


Evaluate the best career paths for you. Participate in job shadowing activities in which you'll watch professionals in the workforce, attend career fairs and professional conferences, and learn under New York Tech alumni mentors.

Clubs and Associations


Many of our student clubs and associations are affiliated with nationally and internationally renowned professional organizations. Join one of these societies and build your leadership skills as you plan events, welcome industry executives to our New York Tech campuses, and help build community outreach among students, faculty, and staff, as well as the external business marketplace.


Community Service


Build collaborative programs that better our society and improve the lives of others. Promote a culture of community service as you forge relationships with nonprofit partners, including City Harvest, Covenant House, Paws for a Cause, and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and more.



Have that urge to create something but still trying to figure out exactly what that is? This is where you begin. Using the New York Tech campus and the surrounding community as a playground, we’ll combine personality assessments, professional workshops, and real life experiences to help you develop your foundation as a leader and future entrepreneur.

Faculty-Led Field Trips


Journey to the heart of the financial capital of the world—visit Wall Street, the New York Stock Exchange, the American Museum of Finance, the United Nations, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and more. You'll meet with leading executives, diplomats, and other specialists who formulate monetary and financial policy around the world.

Trips during the 2015-2016 school year included outings to Brotherhood Winery and the 21 Club; "A Day on Wall Street;" backstage tours of Lincoln Center and the Metropolitan Opera House; visits to the Museum of Modern Art, the Tenement Museum, and the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum; an excursion to the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island; and a day trip to Philadelphia.

Faculty-Student Engagement Labs


Free food, good company, and lively conversation -- who could ask for anything more? Sit down with faculty members and your fellow students for lunch and dialogue on a diverse set of topics.

Learn more about Faculty-Student Engagement Labs

Honor Societies


Participation in an honor society demonstrates your commitment to academic achievement, community service, civic responsibility, and leadership.


Industry Scholarship


Distinguish yourself through academic achievement and community service. Be eligible to earn scholarships in your area of professional interest through our corporate partners and New York Tech alumni.

Leadership Board Luncheon


Dress in your best business suit as you meet with top executives from the world of finance, business, human resource, and hospitality. Discuss leadership, ethics, networking, and career opportunities around a board table as you enjoy lunch and share experiences.



We offer multiple mentoring opportunities and platforms to help you pursue your career goals and learn from professionals in your area of study.

  • Business Leader-to-Student track introduces you to leading New York Tech alumni, industry executives, and NYIT School of Management’s Advisory Board.
  • E-mentoring allows you to build professional relationships around the world as you enhance your multicultural awareness—perfect for a career in the global marketplace.
  • Student-to-Student mentoring unites seniors and juniors with first-year business students to help them make the most of their New York Tech experience.

Students who serve as mentors can earn Student Advancement points.

Student Advisory Board


As a member of the Student Advisory Board, you'll serve as the voice of New York Tech students. Learn about organizational management as you develop new educational opportunities, report directly to the dean on student suggestions and opinions, and gain professional board experience.


Student Ambassador Program


Become a student ambassador and serve as a steward of the School of Management. You’ll build your communication and leadership skills while forging connections with students, faculty, staff, alumni, and external groups. Eligibility requires at least New York Tech 15 credits completed as well as a 3.6 GPA.


Student Orientation


All new students are required to enroll in our School of Management Orientation (either BUSI100 or BUSI610) during their first semester of study. The orientation highlights the principles of our TEMPOS learning model and our Triple Platforms of Excellence program.

Returning students can earn Student Advancement Points by actively participating in, and delivering, such events as as open houses, enrollment activities, orientation, and other events that help promote our programs to prospective and new students.

Student Showcase


Highlight your entrepreneurial drive while promoting your unique academic experiences at NYIT School of Management. Showcase your academic and extracurricular portfolio to business leaders, alumni, new and prospective students, faculty members and staff, and demonstrate your readiness for the global marketplace.

Social and Professional Engagement


Build your communications skills and demonstrate your learning experiences with our dean. You’ll also participate in events that promote international and multicultural awareness. Events from the 2015-2016 school year included a ski trip to Mt. Peter and the annual School of Management dinner cruise.

Contact Us

Robert Koenig, Ed.D.
Associate Dean and Executive Director for Student Advancement

Debra A. Vogel

Debra A. Vogel, A.A.S. '85

President and Owner, Paradigm Management LLC.

We wish to express our appreciation to Debra A. Vogel for her generous contribution, which has made this program possible.