Double Degree at Tongji University

New York Tech has developed a double-degree program in cooperation with some of the best universities in China. Our students, upon the successful completion of the program, earn two graduate degrees, one from New York Tech and the other from our Chinese partners by living, studying, and networking in New York as well as another city in China.

NYIT-Tongji Double Degree Program

Tongji University a key university of China, a member of “Project 985”and “Project 211”, with the name recognition in both China and around the world. Students in the NYIT-Tongji program receive a Master in Business Administration (M.B.A.) from New York Institute of Technology and a Master of Enterprise Management from Shanghai University.

The NYIT-Xiamen Double Degree Program

Xiamen University is known for its grand campus with beautiful scenes. Founded by well-known Chinese businessman Chen Jiageng in 1921, it is the first college developed by the overseas Chinese and the only “Project 985” and “Project 211” university located in the special economic zone. Xiamen University has 22 colleges, 10 research institutes, and one graduate school. It is a leading comprehensive university in China with international fame and has graduated 150,000 students from its undergraduate and graduate programs. More than 60 Xiamen University faculty members belong to either the China Academy of Science or the China Academy of Social Science.

The double degree program is offered at the main campus of Xiamen University, through the cooperation between NYIT School of Management and the Shenzhen Research Institute at Xiamen University. With the program design, the students complete the program by studying one year in China and one year at our campus in New York, and to earn a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) and a graduate degree from Xiamen University upon the completion of the program.