Poll Everywhere

Web-based polling provider


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  • A one-size-fits-all guide to everything Poll Everywhere related. 

Poll Everywhere Webinars

  • Register for upcoming webinars or learn from previous sessions. 


Can I install this software on my personal computers?

Yes, this software can be installed on personal computers. 

On how many of my personal devices can Install this software?

Poll Everywhere can be accessed on all your personal devices.

Where is this software located on campus?

All lab machines have access to Poll Everywhere

Where can I get help with this software?

For any assistance needed, help can be found on the Poll Everywhere Support Center page. 

Are there any self-paced tutorials?

Tutorials can be found here

What does this software cost?

Free for Faculty and Students

Local Times

New York ET

12:52 a.m.

Arkansas CT

11:52 p.m.

Vancouver PT

09:52 p.m.