Information Technology Services - Time to Move your G-Suite Content - Learn about the Wonders of OneDrive

New York Tech support for the Google Suite of Services, including Google Drive, will end on December 27, 2024 (note: these services are also commonly referred to as GSuite or Google Workspace). All faculty, staff, and students now have access to a more robust set of services through Microsoft 365. If you have any remaining content in a GDrive, you must take steps to move it now.

What applications are included in the Google Suite of Services that will no longer be available on December 27, 2024?

Quite simply – all of them: GDrive, Meet, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slide, Sites, Forms, Chat, App Sheet, Colab and Google Chat. See the link above for more details.

What happens on December 27, 2024? Will Google Suite and GDrive access no longer be available?

Access to Google Suite of Services, including your GDrive, will no longer be available. All New York Tech Google accounts and any remaining content will be permanently deleted and unretrievable.

What do you need to do to prepare?

Clean out your GDrive of unwanted files and non-New York Tech data. Move your remaining GDrive file to OneDrive on or before December 20, 2024. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE as there will be very limited support from Information Technology Services due to the holidays.

To learn more about this transition and how to best handle it, Information Technology Services is providing the following support:

  1. Monthly Training Sessions on how to clean up your GDrive and move your files to Microsoft OneDrive. See the ITS training calendar here.
  2. Drop-in Support Sessions are offered on the last Friday of every month at 10 AM EST, starting July 26, 2024.

Will a link to Google Drive still be available in Canvas?

No. The links to GDrive will cease to function after December 27, 2024. Content in your GDrive needs to be moved to your OneDrive and links to the course materials must be recreated before the GSuite is shut down. Information Technology Services is hosting monthly sessions on how to move your content and recreate these links through OneDrive. See the ITS training calendar here.

I have links to Google files in my documents, papers, and other resources. What happens to these links after January 1, 2025?

All your content in your GDrive must be moved and all links to documents, papers, and other resources must be recreated in OneDrive or some other source, before the GSuite shutdown as these links will become invalid after December 27, 2024.

How much storage do I have in OneDrive?
100 Gb

How do I share files with others with OneDrive?

Please review this webpage for your specific needs for sharing OneDrive files with others.

Where can I learn more about OneDrive?

There are LinkedIn Learning courses curated by Information Technology Services. To access these courses, log into LinkedIn Learning with your New York Tech credentials and click on the tab "Recommended By New York Institute of Technology" to see the collections for Microsoft 365. Additional OneDrive resources can be found here.

If you have additional questions, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 516-686-1188, or

Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud-based, collaborative file sharing and storage application within the Office365 Suite that allows individuals to securely access their files from any computer connected to the Internet. And Microsoft OneDrive integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft Office Suite Apps you are already used to, such as PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and Outlook. You can even access your files on your mobile device or tablet via the OneDrive App in the Google Play Store and Apple app store.

Learn about the Wonders of OneDrive with the videos below. Log in to with your New York Tech Account to access your OneDrive and other Microsoft Apps.

Not sure what to do? To start, review Google's Find your Storage Usage, Clean Up Your Gmail, and Clean Your G-Drive (docs, slides, sheets, sites and photos). When you are ready to move your content, visit these instructions for a byte-sized overview on how to move your New York Tech work and school-related content to your New York Tech Microsoft OneDrive and your personal content to your personal file storage solution.

When you are ready to move your content, begin the transfer from G-Drive to Microsoft O365 Learn more

Once the transfer is complete, enhance your knowledge with Microsoft OneDrive's on-demand video tutorials. Available at your convenience from any device anytime anywhere.

Welcome to OneDrive from New York Tech

Microsoft OneDrive brings one of your favorite tech-based, power tools to any device, anywhere, at any time. This cloud-based service offers best-in-class protection against threats like hardware and software failure, power outages, and natural disasters. With intuitive file sharing and collaboration tools, OneDrive is a cloud-based platform that works with the software you rely on every day. Some features include:

  • File Management for a Connected World: OneDrive offers file-level permissions, drag-and-drop transfers, and seamless sharing tools for inside and outside of New York Tech.
  • Integrated Microsoft Software Support: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and your other favorite Office products work seamlessly in OneDrive folders. With web-based versions of the programs, you can work online from any device.
  • Functional Collaborations: With real-time co-authoring tools that work inside online Office software, you can use OneDrive to collaborate with colleagues across the hall or around the globe.
  • Large File Capacity and Storage: OneDrive accounts include a half-terabyte (500 GB) of personal storage and allows for single files of up to 250MB. Google Drive only allows for 2MB for Docs, 20MB for Sheets, and 50MB for Slides.

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