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Cities and communities across the globe are confronted with increasingly complex problems that exceed the abilities of any one discipline. From global warming and disaster mitigation, to rebuilding urban and technological infrastructures, to addressing food supply chains and sustainable energy resources, there is a great need for generalists who are proficient in leading interdependent systems and guiding teams toward interdisciplinary solutions.

Christian Pongratz

At NYIT School of Interdisciplinary Studies and Education, you’ll explore these relationships and learn to integrate multiple viewpoints with a special focus on design thinking as a means to produce interdisciplinary results. Our students also embrace communication, collaboration, and creativity as the core skills that a generalist needs for continued success in tomorrow’s workforce. To complement these experiences, you’ll adopt a “startup” mindset and develop entrepreneurial skills that allow you to adapt to emerging trends and technologies across several fields. In fact, we’ll give you the opportunity to collaborate with NYIT students and faculty from multiple disciplines—such as medicine, health care, architecture and interior design, engineering and computing science, and business—as well as engage with industry partners to identify, frame, and solve real-world problems.

If you’re pursuing a career in K-12 education, our focus on collaboration and design thinking will serve your teaching career well, as you will need to learn how to incorporate these concepts into lesson plans to help young learners of today become the future interdisciplinary leaders of tomorrow.

I’m happy to discuss all the many ways you can become tomorrow’s inventor, problem solver, innovative teacher, or school leader—or create your own future—through NYIT School of Interdisciplinary Studies and Education. Please contact me at if you have any questions.

Christian Pongratz
Interim Dean, School of Interdisciplinary Studies and Education

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