In the Media

InnovateLI Features New Co-Op Track

Mar 31, 2022

New York Tech’s new co-op track for undergrad students in computer science and information technology programs is featured in an article in InnovateLI. The article also highlights that Peter Goldsmith, founder of the nonprofit Long Island Software &Technology Network, has joined New York Tech as co-op coordinator and adjunct assistant professor in the College of Engineering and Computing Sciences.

The new co-op programs are “in keeping with New York Tech’s mission to provide career-oriented professional education and access to opportunity for all qualified students,” said College of Engineering and Computing Sciences Dean Babak Beheshti, Ph.D.


News Outlets Publicize NYITCOM Honors Fraternity Inductions

Mar 23, 2022

As seen in The Mid Island Times, Darien Hamlet Hub, Syosset Advance, Bethpage Newsgram, and other local media outlets, 48 students from New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine (NYITCOM) were inducted into the medical school’s Sigma Sigma Phi chapter.

Sigma Sigma Phi is the national osteopathic medicine honors fraternity for medical students training to become Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.). NYITCOM invites only a select number of students that rank at the top of their class to apply for Sigma Sigma Phi membership. Members are selected based on outstanding academic excellence, leadership qualities, and dedication to service.


Musho Featured in New York Real Estate Journal

Mar 22, 2022

New York Real Estate Journal profiled Suzanne Musho, AIA, NCARB, chief architect and vice president for real estate development and sustainable capital planning, in its list, “2022 Women in Construction.” In her profile, Musho discusses recent campus enhancements, including renovations to the interfaith spaces at both New York campuses, Anna Rubin Hall, and others. 



Marketing Expert Quoted in Quikly

Mar 17, 2022

Colleen Kirk, D.P.S., associate professor of management and marketing studies, was quoted by the marketing site regarding why consumers seek simpler shopping experiences. As Kirk notes, if consumers have too many choices, they may feel less satisfaction from the buying process, which can prevent them from making a purchase altogether or questioning their decision later.

“With choice overload, the brain becomes cognitively burdened, and consumers engage in avoidance responses. They may just walk away rather than exert the effort needed to try to make the best choice for them. They may also end up being less satisfied with the choice they make because they continue to think about all the choices they gave up,” she says.


Local Media Covers New Registrar Announcement

Mar 11, 2022

Long Island Business News, InnovateLI and Newsday have covered the news of Ian K. White joining New York Tech as registrar. White joined New York Tech from Caldwell University in Caldwell, N.J., where he most recently was the assistant vice president for academic initiatives and infrastructure.


Major News Outlets Cover Animal Locomotion Research

Mar 08, 2022

A study co-authored by evolutionary biologist Michael Grantosky, Ph.D., assistant professor of anatomy at NYITCOM, finds that ancient ocean creatures may have galloped long before vertebrates did so on land. The findings have been featured in several prominent outlets including the New York Times, Daily Mail, Popular Science and others. As Granatosky notes in the New York Times, asymmetrical gaits are responsible for the high speeds achieved by cheetahs, greyhounds, and kangaroos. “That’s why so many people thought that these were purely mammalian innovations,” he says.


Mar 07, 2022

As seen in, Science Daily, InnovateLI, and others, a study co-authored by NYITCOM’s Jonathan Geisler, Ph.D., chair and associate professor of anatomy, provides vital clues on when killer whales began hunting other marine mammals. While killer whales are among the ocean’s fiercest predators—known to even hunt the blue whales, the largest creatures on earth—a fossil recently found on the Greek Island of Rhodes suggests that this behavior is likely a recent development. The study, which was published March 7 in Current Biology, also contradicts the popular evolutionary theory that large whales, like the blue whale, evolved giant bodies to avoid predation. 


New Co-op Track Previewed in LIBN

Mar 03, 2022

An article in Long Island Business News about employers’ needs for new ways to retain and train employees previewed New York Tech’s new co-op program in the College of Engineering and Computing Sciences. “Tech guru Peter Goldsmith recently began working with New York Institute of Technology, to build a pipeline of workers in the computer science field” to help employers find and groom talent in a variety of fields, the article reports. “The tech companies are really hurting,” Goldsmith said. They can’t find people with the right skills.”   

In describing the New York Tech co-op track, Goldsmith shared that students in the spring semester of their junior year or the fall of their senior year would spend six months, including the summer, working at a company, getting a full salary. “Ideally, the students when graduating ultimately net jobs by the employer, and stay on Long Island, fueling the tech sector,” he said.


Laurent Interview Featured in The DO

Mar 01, 2022

The DO interviewed NYITCOM’s Brookshield Laurent, D.O., associate professor and chair of clinical specialties, regarding the Delta Population Health Institute (DPHI), NYITCOM-Arkansas’s community outreach arm. In the Q&A, Laurent discusses the physician shortage in the Mississippi Delta region, policies to address healthcare disparities, and other topics highlighting NYITCOM-Arkansas’s dedication to improving the region’s health outcomes.

“If we can, from a policy perspective, support economic mobility and stability, social cohesion, educational advancement and encourage communities to think holistically about their health and health care, we can accomplish a lot,” says Laurent, who oversees DPHI initiatives. “The challenges are complex, deep and long-standing due to historic injustices. There is a lot of work to be done in the Delta. At the same time, I recognize the resiliency of the people who were here before NYITCOM-Arkansas, who have done great things and are committed to the health and well-being of their communities.”


News Outlets Publicize NIH Grant

Feb 28, 2022

As seen in News-Medical, InnovateLI, and other outlets, NYITCOM Biomedical Sciences Instructor Satoru Kobayashi, Ph.D., has secured a grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. The $428,400 three-year grant will support innovative research that could provide life-saving treatments for diabetic heart failure, a condition that occurs when excess blood sugar damages cardiovascular tissue, including the heart’s muscles.