In the Media

Apr 06, 2021

Mody Amin, a medical student in the NYITCOM Émigré Physicians Program, has been featured in International Educator Magazine for his community service during the COVID-19 pandemicThe article highlights a paper that Amin, who was a family physician in Egypt before immigrating to the United States, published with his colleagues in Yemen. Their collaborative work addresses the impact of COVID-19 on countries with limited medical infrastructure.


LaGrandeur in Techopedia: Will Robots Take your Job?

Apr 06, 2021

Will the robots that make our lives easier also threaten our livelihoods? Several experts, including English Professor Kevin LaGrandeur, Ph.D., offer insight on the topic in a Techopedia article.

For example, replacement has less to do with whether the job requires a college degree and more about the level of repetitive or formulaic work involved. “This group includes highly educated white-collar workers such as accountants--many of whose mathematical work can now be done by smart applications (like Turbotax, for instance) --and paralegals--whose fact-checking, editing and formulation of routine documents can now be done by AI-based applications,” LaGrandeur says.

He also notes that some economists believe that only about 10% of jobs will be lost. “That’s because only certain tasks within jobs are being automated, which will leave those workers to fill their time with less automatable work.”

However, LaGrandeur predicts that – as with previous industrial revolutions – there will be significant job losses in the transitional period, which should last about 20 years. “Thereafter, the new technology will create more jobs than it destroys, including new ones having to do with their care and creation, as well as jobs designed to be done by a team of robots – called ‘cobots’ and humans together.”


Healio Interviews Medical Student on Dermatology Research

Mar 30, 2021

In a Healio story, NYITCOM student Moshe Bressler discussed his research on how dermatologists perceive the risks and benefits of social media and how these views vary by generation. Many of the physicians that Bressler and his co-authors surveyed expressed concern about how social media allows non-experts a platform to spread misinformation, but they also saw the opportunity to use social media as a means to set false perceptions straight.

“Clinicians have more of an incentive now than ever to get on social media. It’s not about becoming famous or recruiting a million patients to your practice. It’s about fighting misinformation with the presence of an expert,” said Bressler.


Salon Taps Berman’s Expertise for Anti-vaxxer Story

Mar 30, 2021

Insight from Jonathan Berman, Ph.D., assistant professor of basic sciences at NYITCOM-Arkansas, is featured in a article on misinformation and the anti-vaxxer movement. As noted in the story, in addition to political and cultural motives, anti-vaxxers are often driven by a mistrust of statistics and experts who they do not personally know, especially if they come from institutions that they have been trained to distrust. The article shares findings from Berman's recent book, Anti-vaxxers: How to Challenge a Misinformed Movement, which suggest that anti-vaxxers are more inclined to believe the opinions of people they personally know and stories that they have heard, regardless of whether those sources are reliable.


New Student Life Leaders Receive Media Coverage

Mar 29, 2021

As seen in Newsday’s People on the Move section (subscription required) and The Island Now, Felipe Henao has joined New York Tech as dean of students and Patricia Napolitano has joined as associate dean of students. The Chronicle of Higher Education also reported on Henao’s new role at New York Tech.


InnovateLI Highlights WTC Mentoring Program

Mar 24, 2021

As seen in InnovateLI, a new mentoring program will guide female New York Institute of Technology students from college to career.

Noting a lack of mentorship programs specifically for young women, New York Tech’s Women’s Technology Council (WTC) has created a program that pairs New York Tech alumnae – each a successful professional in a technology-related field – with current female students. The program is designed to help young women prepare for careers in traditionally male-dominated fields. “Over time, it will become a much-sought-after value-add of attending New York Tech for young women deciding where to go for their education,” said Edie Weiner, a founding member of the WTC and president and CEO of The Future Hunters.


Park Discusses Search Functionality in Debugger

Mar 22, 2021

An article in Debugger is encouraging Twitter to improve its direct message search functionality and looks at a variety of other platforms and public-facing vs. private search.

“Search, in particular internal search, is ‘not easy to do,’ says Kevin Park, an assistant professor of UX/UI design and development at New York Institute of Technology. ‘It does cost a lot of resources to create an internal search function if you’re not relying on Google.’”


Biotech Summit Previewed in The Island Now

Mar 22, 2021

The April 8 New York Tech Biotechnology Summit, “Innovation in the Time of COVID and Beyond,” is previewed in an article in The Island Now.

The summit, sponsored by the College of Engineering and Computing Sciences, will convene industry and academic experts, innovators, and entrepreneurs to discuss a range of timely topics relevant to the rapidly growing biotech industry in our region, including innovations to address COVID-19, the biotech startup ecosystem and its supporters, biotech’s role in sustainable solutions, and breakthrough futuristic biotech innovations.



Newsday Features New York Tech Alumna Serving in the White House

Mar 22, 2021

New York Tech alumna Karine Jean-Pierre (B.S. ’97) was featured in a Newsday article on the former Long Islanders who are now serving in the Biden administration. Jean-Pierre grew up in Hempstead, N.Y. and attended New York Institute of Technology’s Long Island campus before graduating with her master's from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. Following the 2020 election, Jean-Pierre was named Joe Biden’s principal deputy press secretary, one of four senior communications staffers.


Mar 16, 2021

As seen in Arkansas Talk Business and Politics, Andrew Berner, president of Jonesboro-based Jetton General Contracting, has been appointed to New York Institute of Technology’s board of trustees. Berner, who resides in Northeast Arkansas, is a member of the Dean’s Advisory Council of NYITCOM-Arkansas, as well as a member of the Chancellor’s Circle at Arkansas State University.

“I am honored that President Foley and the leadership team at New York Tech have asked me to serve on the board of trustees. This appointment reaffirms New York Tech’s commitment to the state of Arkansas and the Delta region. I look forward to reciprocating on that commitment by serving the entire university,” Berner said.