Debra A. Vogel

Debra A. Vogel

A.A.S. ’85

Current Position and Career History

President and founder/owner of Las Vegas- and New York-based Paradigm Management LLC, providing consulting services including business development strategies, entrepreneurial startup planning, management and finance advice, including turnaround management, leadership, training and career mentoring, organizational structure analysis, standard operating procedures incorporating applicable regulations, real estate acquisition and renovation, and investment management.

Previously, Debra was executive vice president, treasurer, partner, board member, and consultant at Lachman Consultant Services, Inc. in Westbury, NY, a global U.S. Food and Drug Administration consulting firm. During her 30-year tenure, and along with her partners, the corporation was the premier FDA-recognized regulatory and quality assurance consulting firm for the pharmaceutical, medical device, and allied health industries. “I was responsible for corporate and client management, human resources, finance, information services & technology, as well as legal contract preparation and/or review and negotiations with clients’ attorneys” she says. In addition, she also provided direct client consultation in the areas of drug product quality assurance, production controls and related procedures, drug product master & batch documentation records, organizational structure & workflow analysis, time & motion studies, review/preparation of position descriptions and the development of corporate operating procedures.

Prior to her tenure at Lachman, Debra was employed at Endo/DuPont Pharmaceuticals as Quality Assurance / Documentation Control Coordinator, responsible for master/batch production records preparation and revision, including related QC/QA & manufacturing standard operating procedures as well as initiation of a corporate OSHA chemical substance inventory and related MSDS’s.

Debra was also the founder/owner of Paradigm Café on Manhattan’s West Side. The café/eatery served as a casual, friendly meeting place for the Hudson Yards community as well as providing catering services to businesses and group functions throughout the area. “Good business acumen allows for the ability and diversity to succeed in different industries.” she says.

Finding a School with Good Chemistry

While working at Endo/DuPont and Lachman Consultants, Debra pursued a formal business management degree to complement her pharmaceutical industry knowledge. “A management degree is highly flexible, allowing you to reach the highest rank of any industry,” she says. 

At New York Institute of Technology, Debra found a place that allowed her to fulfill her professional and business commitments while earning a degree. “I started my studies at NYIT - Old Westbury at night while working full time during the day,” she says. “I really enjoyed the professors and learning alongside other professionals.”

The global marketplace is changing, and you need the experience and formal education to succeed; this goes along with my philosophy that you are always learning.

Current Activities and Programs at New York Tech

Debra first joined the Business Advisory Board of the NYIT School of Management in 2011. Soon after, the dean of the School of Management invited her to serve on the school’s Executive Council, which serves as its primary steering committee helping to identify market opportunities, develop strategies, define objectives, and review outcomes. Debra is also a founding member of New York Tech President’s Forum, which includes trustees, faculty, and friends of the university.

In recognition of her diverse and successful expertise and kind contributions, New York Tech established the Debra A. Vogel Student Advancement Program, which offers a diverse group of activities designed to help students develop professional, social, and leadership skills which will be beneficial as they embark in their careers, all while adding to the student experience. This includes honor societies, ambassador and mentoring opportunities, faculty-led trips, internships, community service and social awareness programs, scholarships and awards, and professional networking events.

Recipe for Career Success

Debra regularly speaks with New York Tech students to offer professional guidance. This includes her “Recipes for leadership and success in your career”: know your company and its competition; master the art of effective listening and thinking; work hard and always be prepared; strive to overcome challenges; make informed decisions; take on responsibility; understand the importance of personal and corporate financial stability, be approachable, respectful & respected; and don’t forget to smile!

“Thinking is problem-solving, which leads to leadership, successful outcomes, and an exciting career and a lifetime of fulfillment, albeit lots of hard work and responsibility,” she tells them. “Surround yourself with good people with whom you can aspire to, and/or with those who share your personal aspirations and goals. Then reach for the stars—but while reaching, keep it simple, and always challenge and strive for more!”