October Seasonal Foods: Sugar Pumpkins are a winter squash and are in the same plant family as cucumbers and melons...
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The Dining Digest: October 2019
October Seasonal Foods
Sugar Pumpkins
Pumpkins are a winter squash and are in the same plant family as cucumbers and melons. While they are among the best for making pies, they also work nicely in stews, stuffed, baked, or puréed into a soup. Look for small, dense pumpkins that are about four to five pounds.

A Guide to Winter Squash
Sugar Pumpkins
Butternut Squash
The perfect winter vegetable, this versatile squash has sweet, nutty flesh that works great in baked, boiled, and steamed preparations. Butternut squash pairs well with a range of flavors including cinnamon, maple syrup, balsamic vinegar, and smoked paprika. Choose one that is heavy and has a hard smooth rind.

What's to know about butternut squash?
Butternut Squash
Chef Robert Rizzuto
Chef Robert Rizzuto’s Recipe
Chef Rizzuto has been with New York Institute of Technology for more than 35 years. A graduate of the renowned Culinary Institute of America, he has studied under top chefs such as Daniel Boulud, Christian Delouvrier, Alain Ducasse, and Guy Martin. Chef Rizzuto has worked for major hotels, award-winning restaurants, and educational institutions throughout the eastern United States. He has been featured in magazines, television, and other media locally and regionally. He and his staff are honorees of the James Beard Society, and he was among few exceptional chefs chosen to be interviewed for the sous chef position at the White House under President George H.W. Bush. Chef Rizzuto’s position is at the helm of a variety of events and culinary initiatives. He oversees all dining operations on the university’s Long Island and New York City campuses, including the NYIT de Seversky Mansion, five cafes, and Campus Dining catering operations.
New England Clambake
Thinking about having a clambake? Whether cooking on the shores of the ocean, in an outdoor grill, or on the stovetop in your home, they are a great way to enjoy phenomenal seafood. Based on the Native American tradition of cooking over hot coals buried in the ground, clambakes have grown in popularity recently. The fall is a wonderful time to host a clambake, because the seafood you’ll use is at its prime as far as quality and freshness. The following cooking technique is said to have been passed to the first European settlers by the Native Americans who befriended them. The delicious combination of seafood, corn, and potatoes makes a tasty meal that is easy to prepare.

To prepare a clambake for 6, you’ll need:
  • 3 dozen steamer clams (more if you'd like)
  • 3 dozen fresh mussels
  • 6 live lobsters
  • 18 small red or white potatoes
  • 6 ears of corn (in the husk)
  • 6 medium onions
  • One or two sticks of melted butter
  • 3 lemons (cut into wedges)
  • If you live near the beach, some seaweed or rockweed
  • 12 pieces of 18" x 36" cheesecloth
  • 12 pieces of heavy duty aluminum foil
  • 6 metal nutcrackers and small fish forks
  1. Wash the clams, mussels, and potatoes thoroughly. Peel the onions (not the potatoes) and remove the silk from the top of the ears of corn. Don't remove the husks or the corn will get dried out when it cooks.
  2. Lay out two pieces of foil with two pieces of the cheesecloth on top. Wrap this around 1 lobster, 3 potatoes, 6 clams, 6 mussels, 1 ear of corn, 1 onion, and some seaweed or rockweed (if you are able to find it). Add a cup of water to the package. Make sure to tie the cloth over the food, and seal the foil well. This can be done without the cheesecloth if you cannot find any, but the food tends to get dark in spots and the lobster is dryer without the cloth to hold the moisture.
  3. Make six of these packages and place them on a barbecue grill about 4 inches from the heat. Cover the grill with the hood or with large pieces of foil tucked in around the edges of the grill.
  4. Let the packages steam for 1 hour, flipping them every 15 minutes. If the potatoes are done, it's a good indication that the lobster and the rest of the package is ready for your feast.
  5. Open the packages, and serve them with the lemon wedges and melted butter. You'll need nut crackers and fish forks to get the lobsters out of the shell.
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Food Holiday
October 17: National Pasta Day
Salten, Metro, Riland, and SAC Cafes: pasta specials at lunch
Fall/Winter Menu
September 16 – March 8

With fall here and winter coming soon, we’re offering new products to all our Avenue C locations on campus!

  • Chorizo Breakfast Burrito*
    Crumbled Chorizo, Scrambled Eggs, Shredded Pepper Jack and Roasted Potatoes Wrapped in a Flour tortilla Served with Medium Salsa
  • Turkey Sausage, Egg & Provolone with Spinach on Flatbread*
    Turkey Sausage Patty, Egg and Provolone Cheese with Fresh Spinach on Flatbread

Artisan Sandwich
  • Roast Beef & Cheddar with Horseradish Mayo on a Pretzel Roll*
    Sliced Roast Beef, Cheddar Cheese and Housemade Horseradish Mayo
Classic Sandwich
  • Roast Turkey and Havarti on 9-Grain*
    Oven0Roasted Turkey Breast, Creamy Havarti Cheese and Lettuce, including a Spicy Brown Mustard and Light Mayo PC
  • Black Forest Ham & Smoked Gouda on Seed’licious*
    Sliced Black Forest Ham & Smoked Gouda Cheese with Lettuce, including a Spicy Brown Mustard and Light Mayo PC
  • Spicy Deviled Egg Salad on Hearty White (V)
    Housemade Deviled Egg Salad with Sriracha and Cayenne Pepper
  • Grilled Chicken Ciabatta with Pesto Brie and Roasted Red Peppers*
    Grilled Sliced Chicken, Fresh Spinach and Roasted Red Peppers with Creamy Pesto Brie Spread
  • Zesty Italian Wrap with Italian Dressing*
    Black Forest Ham, Pepperoni, Genoa Salami with Fresh Greens, Banana Peppers and Mozzarella in a Whole Wheat Wrap
  • Buffalo Chicken Salad Wrap with Buffalo Dipping Sauce*
    Buffalo Chicken Salad with Fresh Greens, Shredded Cabbage and Carrots in a Whole Wheat Wrap
  • Classic Cobb Salad with Red Wine Vinaigrette
    Grilled Chicken, Crispy Applewood Smoked Bacon, Hardboiled Eggs, Grape Tomatoes and Blue Cheese Crumbles over Arcadian Harvest Lettuce
  • Autumn Apple & Pear Salad with Brown Sugar Cider Vinaigrette
    Fresh Green and Red Apples, Pears, Crumbled Bacon and Golden Raisins with Roasted Walnuts over Arcadian Lettuce Blend
  • Premium Meat & Cheese Tray with Grapes and Crackers
    Cheddar and Pepper Jack Cheese Cubes, Smoked Gouda, Genoa Salami and Fresh Grapes with Artisan Crackers
*Tastes Great When Heated
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