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Dear New York Tech Community:

The recent events in the Middle East have been terrible to witness. Although a cease-fire has been reached between the two warring factions, the continuing conflict has caused pain and raised concerns for many, particularly as these events have also led to increased incidence of religious or ethnic violence and hate speech within our own communities.

We condemn these and all acts of violence and ethnic bias.

While some members of our community may not feel directly impacted, we encourage everyone to be conscious and compassionate during this difficult time. Together, we can be supportive of each other through unity and kindness.

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force is committed to creating an inclusive environment where individuals feel valued and respected. We will continue our efforts to foster an environment that always welcomes and encourages individuals of all ethnic and religious backgrounds, genders, and sexual orientation, to contribute to and be part of our university culture.

If you have experienced or witnessed acts of violence or bias on campus: In an emergency, first call 911 (all U.S. campuses). Then call Campus Security in Long Island (516.686.7789) or New York City (646.273.7789). If you are a student, you should also report the incident to Dean of Students Felipe Henao, at or 516.686.1224, to ensure appropriate follow-up.

We also encourage those of you who are feeling anxious or uneasy to please reach out to Counseling and Wellness Services at our campuses in Long Island (516.686.7683) or New York City (212.261.1773) to talk or make a virtual appointment.


Brian Harper, M.D., M.P.H.
Vice President, Equity and Inclusion, Chief Medical Officer


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