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April 23, 2021
9:30 AM – 4:00 PM

The Symposium of University Research and Creative Expression (SOURCE) is a student-centered platform for New York Institute of Technology students to showcase their academic excellence.

This annual tradition will convene graduate and undergraduate students in celebrating the academic excellence they’ve demonstrated over the past year. Students participating in SOURCE will enjoy the opportunity to showcase their outstanding research and creativity to peers, professors, friends, and family members. Because of the pandemic, the conference will be held virtually, which will actually extend our program to a much broader audience.

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Keynote Speaker: David Schwartz, Ph.D.

David Schwartz, Ph.D.

“Enrico Fermi and the Art of Mastering a Subject"
Based on his new book, The Last Man Who Knew Everything

Enrico Fermi was one of the most significant physicists of the 20th century: at the center of the Manhattan Project, which developed the first atomic bombs, he created the first nuclear reactor; developed a comprehensive theory of how a radioactive process called “beta decay” created electrons and neutrinos in the nucleus of certain atoms; invented a way to introduce quantum mechanics into classical statistical mechanics; conducted some of the first high energy particle physics experiments; and was one of the first physicists to use computers to simulate physical processes. And this is just a sample of his work. How did he manage to achieve so much in such a short lifetime (he died at age 53 of stomach cancer)? What was the secret of his success? What can students starting out in a scientific career learn from Fermi’s example? This talk will briefly review Fermi’s life and achievements, and suggest that the secret of Fermi’s success lay not only in his innate intelligence but in his preparation for a career in physics and his focus on the field to the exclusion of virtually anything else.

About David N. Schwartz

David N. Schwartz holds a B.A. from Stanford University and a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has worked at the US Department of State, the Brookings Institution, and Goldman Sachs in both London and New York. He has published widely on US strategic nuclear weapons policy, NATO, and foreign policy. He is the author of the recently published biography of Enrico Fermi, "The Last Man Who Knew Everything: The Life and Times of Enrico Fermi, Father of the Nuclear Age," (Basic Books). He lives in New York with his wife Susan. His father, Melvin Schwartz, shared the 1988 Nobel Prize in Physics for the discovery of the muon neutrino.

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