America overlaid with the U.S. Flag and the U.S. Constitution


Constitution Day Conversation: Do You Believe You Own America

September 16, 2021
12:45 PM – 2:00 PM

Harry J. Schure Hall, Room 130
Long Island, NY

16 W. 61st St., Room 723
New York, NY

Join a faculty-led conversation in honor of U.S. Constitution Day. The event will be moderated by our SGA presidents and will feature professors Ellen Katz, Joanne Grasso, John Hogan, Jamel Vanderburg, and King Cheek. Participants will answer the question, "Do you believe you own America?" through the lens of the U.S Constitution and present-day events.

The session will be held on both the New York City and Long Island campuses, as well as over Zoom. Refreshments will be served to those attending in person, and pocket constitutions will be available for all participants.