Poster Presentations Agenda

Moderator/Host: Bryan Gibb, Leonidas Salichos
"LJD Bacterial Growth Experiment: O.D V.S CFU"Manuel Ortiz
"Physiological Stability of LKSleep, Shaolin, and RW Phages"Rahul Ubriani, Salman Khan
"Standardized Method of Photographing Bacteriophage Plaques"Opong Bramble
"Does LK-Sleep Give Bacterial Cells Immunity Against Other Phages?"Elsy Ventura
"Functional Annotations"Domenico Carroll, Yash Patel
"Phage&mdasah;Where Form Follows Function"Carly Zincone, Ioannis Daniil
"SOURCE Abstract"Ann Zhang, Salvatore DeMartino
"Minor Tail Proteins in Bacteriophages"Alessandro Drudi, Valerie Martinez
"Analysis of Phage DNA Extraction Techniques"Adnan Alladin