Oral Presentations Agenda

Morning Sessions

  Room One
Moderator/Host: Nicole Calma-Roddin, Melissa Huey
Room Two
Moderator/Host: Sophia Domokos, Bryan Gibb
Room Three
Moderator/Host: Colleen Kirk, Catherine Williams
11:00 a.m. Jack Rosner, Emily Novick, Jon Harewood, Caitlin Mahland
Investigating Irony: The Role of Speaker Identity
Kaitlin Accardi, Rochelle Ratner, Nushe Hasanramaj, Ariana Nurse, Isaac Sadykov
Potential Mechanism of Action of Curaxin Against Cancer by Bioinformatics Analysis
Germaine Nishimirwe
Psychological Ownership and Stewardship of Nonprofit Organization
11:20 a.m. Ashley Delbrune, Brian Siuni, Giddeon Lim
Covid-19 Stress and Weight Gain
William Shin, Yamini Nori, Himani Jani, Aaron Miller, Mac Josh Reandelar, Aidan Papalia, Brianna Yaeger, Violeta Roumenova, Kimberly Fasciglione
GAD67 Expression in the Piriform Cortex of Cntnap2 Mice
Ka Wai Wen
Impact of Authoritarian Parenting Style in Chinese American Children
11:40 a.m. Marissa Karasz, Ryan Arroyo, Devin Delvalle
The Impact of Sound on Mood Memory and Problem Solving Ability
Anoushka Guha, Pooja Jaiswal, Tint Tha Ra Wun, Akito Nicol, Mandeep Singh, Jaclyn Del Pozzo, Puja Mehta, Tamayo Kobayashi
Effects of Knocking Down AMPK α subunit Isoforms on Doxorubicin Cytotoxicity in H9c2 Cardiomyoblast Cells
Karibay Angeles
Esmeralda Santiago: Life and Work
12:00 p.m. Matthew Renz, Brandon Fanizza, Serena Sukhandan, Kyle Spiegel, Stuti Shah
Category and Audience Design
Patrick Mazza
Predicting the Masses of Subatomic Particles Using String Theory
John Purcell
Health Policy Brief: The Cannabidiol and Marijuana Research Expansion Act (S.2032) and Medical Marijuana Research Act (H.R.3797)

Afternoon Sessions

  Room One
Moderator/Host: Nicole Calma-Roddin, Melissa Huey
Room Two
Moderator/Host: Randy Stout, Pejman Sanaei
Room Three
Moderator/Host: Michael H., Amanda Golden
12:20 p.m. Marissa Karasz, Zenab Shafiq
The Impact of Remote Learning on Mindfulness and Engagement
Nayan Pallothu
Analysis of the Relationship between Geographical Location and Genetic Diversity of Phages that Infect the Genus Arthrobacter in the U.S.
Lina Elkoulily, Cagri Senlik
Characterization of Bone Morphology Preserved with Different Fixatives Using a MicroCT Scanner
12:40 p.m. Joseph Keller, Aracelis Genao, Ryan Decristoforo, Genesis Benitez
How Race Influences Perceptions of Crime
Katherine Keever, Risa Kiernan
Emotional Intelligence and Stress: Potential Impacts on Academic Performance and Medical Boards Licensing Scores
Betcy Karukamalil Joy, Davinder Kaur
Using Ozobot in the Classroom
1:00 p.m. Kamille Williams, Evangelia Tsagaris, BinCheng Wang
Video Games and Nutrition
Deena Albert, Kelly Borges
Accelerating Systemic Addiction Recovery Using Dosed Exercise
Callyn Villanueva
Analysis of Eye Fixations During Emotion Recognition in Talking Faces
1:20 p.m. Carmine Velez, Deb Preom
Correlation Between Physical Cues and Comfortability Participating in an Online Environment
Dave Persaud
Flow and Fouling in a Pleated Membrane Filter
Tint Tha Ra Wun
Youth Involvement and Participation in the 2020 Myanmar Elections
1:40 p.m. Bendangtoshi Tiajungla Dominica Jamir
Intellect VR: Learning in VR; the VR Experience in the Classroom
Mikhail Smirnov
Examining Pleated Membrane Filter Performance Based on Pleat Packing Density and Cartridge Geometry
Jay Patel
Assessing the Applicability of Kevin Lynch's Framework of "The Image of the City" in the Case of New York City
2:00 p.m. Kevin Narine, Ryan Murphy, Angelica Mei, Brian Smith
Can Photo Arrays with Crime Scene Backgrounds Impact Criminal Identification?
Hamad El Kahza
On Mathematical Modeling of Erosion and Deposition in Flow Networks
Tija Passley
Health Policy Research: The Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act (MORE Act; H.R. 3884)