Program Schedules: Pathway Program

Our Pathway Program classes correspond to the NYIT Academic Calendar and run for 15 weeks during the fall and spring semester. All levels of the Pathway Program include 18 hours of English courses per week, in addition to academic credits that correspond to your proficiency level.

Core Curriculum

All levels of the Pathway Program curriculum include:

  • 6 hours of listening and speaking practice per week.
  • 6 hours of reading and writing practice per week.
  • 3 hours of grammar specific practice per week.
  • 3 hours of elective classes per week.

Elective Classes

Not all electives are offered every semester, but they have included:

  • Business English (Levels 1-5)
  • Technical English
  • Thesis Writing/Advanced Research Discourse
  • English for Architects
  • Developing Your Professional Portfolio
  • English Reading for Pleasure
  • English Pronunciation and Public Speaking
  • Learning English through Film
  • The American Cultural Immersion Experience
  • English through Community Service/Experiential Learning

Academic Credits

All Pathway Program - ESL students will consult with an academic advisor each semester to add at least 1 credit-bearing course towards their intended major.