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Urban Administration, B.S.

Begin your career planning, managing, and improving cities and learn how to serve successfully as an administrator in a government or nonprofit setting in one of the world’s most studied communities: New York City.

What You’ll Learn

Through the Urban Administration, B.S., you’ll gain the foundation you need to become a successful city and nonprofit administrator through unparalleled internship, service-project, and field trip opportunities.

Build on your ambition to make cities work more effectively in an ideal learning ground—the great urban center of New York. You’ll study public administration, both city and nonprofit office environments, urban infrastructure and its requirements, and the social, economic, political, and cultural factors shaping the life of cities today.

Career Options

  • City Planner
  • Community Organizer
  • Government Official
  • Lobbyist
  • Public Affairs Executive

Exceptional experiences.
Outstanding outcomes.





Top 15%

Top-Tier Ranking

USNWR Best Colleges/Regional

New York Tech is ranked among the top 50 regional universities in the North.

How You’ll Succeed

Our program prepares you for a successful career through hands-on experience and study under the guidance of faculty who are working professionals, as well as access to top New York City administrators and government officials.

USNWR Best Colleges/Regional

Top-Tier Ranking

New York Tech is ranked among the top 50 regional universities in the North.

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Interdisciplinary Innovation Provides Needed Equipment to Local Hospitals

May 29, 2020

Amid COVID-19, faculty, students, and staff collaborate to arm frontline workers and patients with the necessary personal protective equipment.

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